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Questions about my Character development

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Barbara (barbaradelinsky) | 33 comments Mod
Q. Which comes first, character or plot?

A. Sometimes one, sometimes the other. In Looking For Peyton Place, for example, Annie Barnes came first, born of my desire to write about a writer whose life was shaped by Grace Metalious, the author of Peyton Place. The plot grew around Annie, coming to involve not only a town with secrets, the scourge of mercury poisoning, and Grace Metalious, herself.

The opposite was true in The Woman Next Door. I wanted to write about what happens to three married couples, each suffering personal trials, when their neighbor, a young widow, turns up pregnant and the three men with the easiest access to her are our three husbands. The characters formed to fit the plot in this book, well before "Desperate Housewives" was even part of our lexicon.

Then again, take Flirting With Pete. What came first, here, was a novella, which I had written several years earlier. I created a whole other story in and around it, with its new set of characters and plot themes.

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Ruby Nielsen | 4 comments I've read your book, " Flirting With Pete" and couldn't put it down. It kept me guesing as to who was who and wht was going on until the very end. My other two favorite's of your's are, Shades Of Grace and Family Tree. Both were very good. I own a copy of Shades Of Grace and I've read it so many time's that I need to get another copy. :) Any way I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed those books. I look forward to read many more of you books.

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