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message 1: by Marieke, Former guide & Chief Chatterbox (new)

Marieke | 2838 comments Mod
hello everyone,

it seems that not everybody who wants to participate in discussions is 100% happy with how we have started this little experiment. so i've decided to solicit input from anyone who has an opinion to share, how we might work toward ensuring that all participants are enjoying this forum.

first i'd like to reiterate that this is a public group, which means anybody may start any discussion on any book at any time they wish and all members are invited to view or not view, discuss or not discuss at their pleasure.

with that in mind, discussions surrounding "shared books" or whatever we'd like to call the voted-upon selection, could theoretically continue into infinity.

sooo...hmmm...the thing i most enjoy about this forum is that it is not a physical group; we are spread around the world and with the help of the internet we can have lively asynchronous discussions. i dont, personally, see the point in trying to treat this as if we were are waiting to meet once a month.

however, i can understand cyril's suggestion that we wait to begin discussions the following month. the only problem from my vantage, is that i like to ask questions while i'm reading. i read enough books in a solitary fashion, that i have immensely enjoyed being able to post a question, comment, or whatever knowing that one, two, or three people (at a minimum) will reply. and it seems that several participants also like to discuss while reading.

how shall we reconcile this? i'd really like the forum to be as inclusive as possible. should we have two threads that are clearly that is for "pre-discussion" and one that will begin the following month for more earnest, in-depth discussing?

please submit any ideas, opinions, or whatever, *especially* if you are intending to participate in the shared-book discussions...we had great success in our voting for the october selection, so i am fully confident that we can come to a reasonable concensus for rules and regulations that is inclusive.

message 2: by Cyril (new)

Cyril (ilinkcs) | 14 comments I like the idea of a separate commentary thread, then anyone can join when they are ready. Those who want to share the reading process can start immediately, those who want to read first and catch up later can also do that. And anyone who feels like changing their mind ... that's also good.

But I do think we need to set a target for completing the book(s), I like the idea that there is a point at which everyone is engaged in the debate ....

message 3: by Marieke, Former guide & Chief Chatterbox (new)

Marieke | 2838 comments Mod
yes, i think this is the best way and is very everyone in agreement? it's good to make sure everyone knows what to expect. the moderator hasn't been active but once we get that issue resolved, we can post the basic rules for "shared books" on the group's main page so newcomers know from the outset how we've elected to conduct those discussions...or can that be done without the moderator? i'm not sure. i'm looking forward to many lively discussions!

message 4: by Melanie (new)

Melanie | 171 comments Sounds good to me!

message 5: by Muphyn (last edited Oct 19, 2008 04:54PM) (new)

Muphyn | 816 comments I wholeheartedly agree with Marieke that this is a public forum and people should feel free to discuss any books, included the "shared books" at any time they wish.

I would also like to say that if people wish to discuss spoiler material, they may also feel free to do though, AS LONG AS that's indicated clearly at the start of their comment (whether that's for "shared books" or other books). Then members can choose whether or not to read and engage in the discussion. :)

I also really like Marieke's about two discussion threads, one concerned with discussions or questions while (or pre-?) reading and a separate one that is more in-depth. In a sense, I would see the latter synonymous with a "spoiler" one, since I would assume that members engaged in that thread would have finished the book and are thus in a position to discuss all aspects of the plot (and related issues). I would suspect we could start the in-depth discussion towards the end of the month, and naturally carry that over into the next month, and to echo Marieke's comment, they could be "continued into infinity". :)

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