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Diane | 9385 comments Purely optional, but if you would like to make a ticker or tickers to show your progress:


-Click this link:

-Pick a pin number you'll remember...
-As your "object", type "points".
-Your cumulative value will be how many points you currently have.
-Target is total number of countries or states in the challenge or whatever your goal is.
-The message (optional) will be like a title. (Ex - "Around the World 2011-2012".)
-Click next.

-Navigate through the "More Designs" pages and select a "ticker" bar. Once you've selected the one you want, hit next.
-Navigate through the "More Designs" pages and choose a "ticker slider", and then click next again.

Voilà! Your ticker is made!

To get your ticker to appear here, copy the HTML code (not the bbCode)... the one that starts with "-Enter your pin and your current points (as the "current cumulative value")
-Click next THREE TIMES.
-Copy and paste the HTML code again!

Note: You won't need to re-bookmark the page. The website will save your current total for you.

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