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Kurk Harris The book is certainly not written for grammarians. It is written by a Marine, and is perhaps one of the most honest books I have read in quite some time. Endure the weak grammar, and writing mechanics, and enjoy a wonderful story. It is short enough to enjoy despite its glaring weaknesses.

Bridget Brooks I loved this book, being a sister of a marine and a parent of 4 dogs, this is a gem. I felt the story was true to life and gave the reader a feel of what was truely going on in the minds and world of military soldiers, and what they feel is a little piece of home.

Siobhan O'Laoghaire-Sannes I agree. This is a lovely book. The sequel, however, not so much. Don't bother unless you have absolutely nothing else to read (can any of us on Goodreads say that, LOL!) and you happen to have a copy.

Carrie P Semper Fi! So maybe this book won't win a war of words or any grammar awards but hey, who can beat the winning combo of soldiers & dogs? Thank you to all our brave heroes out there fighting for our country & who also save their fearless four-footed friends in their spare time!

Jacki I loved this book. Written in day to day language of someone going through such a traumatic time. I gave it to my son who did a stint in East Timor.

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J. Pierce Linda wrote: "I love this book. No, it won't pass muster in the Harvard English Department, but its a helluva read."

Has anyone read anything written by anyone from HaaaVaaad, lately. I don't think I would be bragging about grammar and/or spelling!

Siobhan O'Laoghaire-Sannes J DeWayne wrote: "Has anyone read anything written by anyone from HaaaVaaad, lately. I don't think I would be bragging about grammar and/or spelling!"

I have, actually. Brian Greene's last book on physics was fantastic! (I highly recommend it, but that is for some other time.) Greene is a graduate of both Harvard and Oxford. I have read other science writers, studies of humanism and philosophy, as well as a critical analysis of 19th century Russian literature. None of these were plagued with nearly the problems this book had. What have you read that has made you feel that they shouldn't be "bragging"?

I bypass misspellings; that's the publisher at fault. But grammar is often left intact for the most part, to preserve the flavor. I thought this was a good book, not great, and passages toward the end trying to get Lava out actually kept me up. I just don't recommend the second book as it has no narrative thread to follow.

Don't get me wrong. I love our soldiers. I am prior Navy and I have two brothers who have served as well. But just because a book was written by a soldier doesn't give it a pass.

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J. Pierce What's all this starting of a sentence with a "But" fad going around anyway? Also, a Marine does not like being called a soldier. Just another thing to needle you about a little, in a friendly way. Shouldn't you have a comma right before as well in your next to last sentence?

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