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(( Here is where you roleplay!))

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Dana walked to the mall

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Dana looked behind her and saw Kattalynn. She waved

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Dana shrugged, "I feel like I need a new wardore again." she said, "Besides I start high school again soon."

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"Where's Joe?" Dana asked

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Dana nodded, "So what are you getting at the mall?" Dana asked as she looked through her purse for her cell phone

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Dana smiled, "Souds good to me." she said, "I used to do that a lot."

Luis was working his shift at Java jump in the mall

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They reached the mall, "Well I guess I'll see you around." Dana said as she pushed her way into the mall

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((g2g. bye))

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((back. idk if you are though))

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((awsome. i might be a lil slow))

Dana started to walk to Java Jump where her friend Luis worked

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Luis looked up when he saw Dana walk in.

Dana stepped up to the counter, "One Cafe Latte." she said, "A free one that is."

"Dana you know I can't give you a free one." Luis reminded her

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Dana batted her eyelashes and started to use her power, "Aww come on you know you want to." she said in a sweet voice

"Fine I'll pay for it." Luis said taking his wallet out, "Again."

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"Hey." Dana said, "Kattalynn this is my friend Luis. Luis Kattalynn."

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Luis shook her hand, "You too." he said, "So how do you know Dana?"

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((sry I took so i don't really care.)

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((of course))

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Anastasia (( i dont know where to start :( ))

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Maralune Roxy ran through the forest breaking tree's along the way. No matter how many years she is a vampire she will never get used to her strength. She rushes through the tree's. Suddenly her nostrils catch a scent. "Oh No!!! Human."
She struggle with her self. She focuses on a nearby branch and using her powers rams it into her head. She breaks out of the trance long enough to run.
She sighs. Next time she might not be so lucky.

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Maralune ((Can she meet someone?))

A Filthy Youth groupie | 534 comments Mod
((human or vamp?))

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Maralune ((Any))

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Maralune (( Sure. I am running through the forest. You could meet her there. She doesn't come near the town a lot because she still struggles with controlling her thirst.))

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Maralune She came to the edge of the forest. She decided to stop for a minute. She sat down in a clear area and started meditating.

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Maralune Roxy heard a twig snap. In an instant she was on her feet.
"Who's there?" She asked loudly

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Maralune "Hi, I'm Roxy. I just don't usually come this far away from my house." She smiled holding out her hand.

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Anastasia (( oh boy where do i start!!!! )))

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Anastasia The crowds were too thick. I hated to be surrounded by this many humans. Where was Rose? I pushed through the crowd and spotted her.
"Hey, where have you been."

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Anastasia He gazed at her. She was was always spontaneous and bubbly. He couldn't help but smile.
"So what are our plans for today. If one more person brushes up against me I think I might have to bite them."

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Anastasia "I know I wouldn't, but it would be delicious and very comical. So, dearest where are we headed to?"
I snickered as the same thought entered my mind.

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Anastasia "Where do you want to go? Am I driving or are we walking?"

(( are we best friends))

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Anastasia (( will we be more than friends?))

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Anastasia (( okay))

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Anastasia "We're skipping?!?! But I have a test! Ugh! The things I do for you!"
I followed behind her. Diner food was gross, I couldn't believe I was letting her take me there.

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Anastasia "She's in highschool for Gods sakes!!" I yelled at the men. I was 25 for 600years..going to highschool was just something I did to pass time. Rose was the only one who knew. She didn't have a problem with it. So I didn't make it one.

"So your the item of the day." I winked at her and smiled as I sat on the opposite side of her.

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Maralune ((LOL))

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Anastasia "I'm thinking a raw hamburger." I thought about the response the waitress would have if I actually said that. "Maybe salad, I'm watching my weight."

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Anastasia " Do you really think I'm going to eat?" I looked up at her. I hadn't even picked my menu. "Why don't you pick my meal?"

This time the waitress came over.

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Anastasia I almost fell out of the booth. I couldn't believe that she said that. What was I suppose to do?

"Excuse me, she's a little delusional I would like your salad with Italian dressing on the side. Thank you."

As she left I gently kicked Rose in the shins. Then I burst out laughing.

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Anastasia "Actually I think I might want her." I chuckled as I said this. "MMMMMM, delicious!" I stared at Rose for a while. "Are we going back to school?"

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Maralune (( I'm bored can someone please meet me because Jes hasn't come back.))

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Maralune Vye shook her hand. "Nice to meet you."
"see you round" Roxy called and dashed out into the woods again.

((Sorry Jes I didn't mean to do you but I had too.))

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Anastasia (( we'll meet you in school we're not friends though soo it'll be interesting))

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Anastasia "Actually I don't want a box seeing that I hate salads. But would you like a box?"

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Maralune ((Uh Well.... I don't go to school because I have only been a vampire for 30 years and so I can't be around humans for long.))

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Anastasia (( only a vamp for 30 years, isnt that enough time))

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Anastasia I loved pissing her off. I followed her out the making sure those low lifes didnt even look at her this time. Then I walked up to her and gave her a hug.

"So to school it is."

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