A book called "happening as us, through us, to us" discussion

Chapter two is: "Where we go from there is chapter 2"

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In our first step, we leaped back to produce results, and shared a kind over overview of our planetery situation. But thats just the tip, just an "om point" into the truth process. A little something to get a big something into view.

The idea is people add to chapter one with other things and statements and info that are also factors of consideration, other things to be looked at, and dealt with and brought into view.

And Chapter two is a where do we go from here kind of thing, where we post actions by people that are doing what they can, That can include protests, prayers art, music, anything really, things and nonthings.

Now everything in chapter one is also a kind of doing, because how can we know to do anything if we don't know? So, this is kind of the same, but a little more expanding and inclusive.

I thought about setting off the post with a festival, something like a yoga event. But then I thought we should think about it a little more.

What is something on the edge of taboo? Something that deals with it all, in an ultimate kind of way? Hmmmmmmm

Could it be a non-profit org? A festival? An art project? Or a practice? A mystic ancient thing or person? Or a movement, something like the home spun movement or M.L.K. Jr. or a culture? Or something that included them all, as a way of happening?

Or should we just point to a song, and expand our list from there?

This cannot be rushed, I can come back to this digital book and add something later. Let me meditate on this and pray.

BUt ideas and info and links are welcome.

Something is close, I getting native american, I am getting something deep, something that is often ignored and not considered. Something people are afraid of, because they do not want to adjust themselves out of their gross plane attachments, or they are simply unaware, or it has been out of their reach until now.

What about the land we are standing on? Our history? What about looking back, so we know where to go? So much has already been said and done, but how often does it get broken a part and isolated, rather than weaved and looked at from its interconnection with everything?

Our research has hundreds of links, and they can be divided into chapter one and two considerations. As a start.

Maybe what we want to point to is the grand total of everything that would be listed.

List one, in chapter one is like "what's going down. And list two, chapter to is what are we doing about it." But what we are doing about it may need to become a more unified effort, more weaved and co-created, supported and inclusive.

We need something that won't scare people off, something that calms after dealing with chapter one and the list that comes.

Maybe what we can do is create a project, that way its not this or that, that way it becomes something we can go back to, something to consider and return to as we bring more into view.

That is it, Lets point to a mass consciousness process, a collection of research by sincere truth seekers. Thats it!

Consciousness (awareness) must be shared to come into being.
"Of what", some may ask. Of truth, our right viewing of our human need for unity and peace, and a functional way of sharing research, findings, feelings, and communication.

Because the links left as reviews cannot be live, we should link to another place. A blog, one that needs work, something not completed, not perfect, not mainstream, but the underdog of the underdog. A place where the taboo is topic.

Links are welcomed in the review/comments below, the good read option, as a kind of back up inbox, and reminder or cut and paste option. But lets take the mass consciousness process to a place where it can do its thing, somewhere we can observe it, while continuing the book.

Chapter two will become the links left at the mass consciousness process project page. Since everything that deals with the urgency is what will be posted, it only makes sense to forward and share the info and alerts and research, something we need to get into the practice of. So its good to do it this way.

Thank you for leaving ALL your videos and links and points of view, this feels good. Better than doing what we did in chapter one, which was pointing to one thing, and expanding out from there into many things. This time we will invite everything, and reduce it down to a way of keeping it in mind as the mass consciousness process. Because whatever you point to, an attraction and aversion sets it, and so if we lost people in chapter one for our choice of opening, today we might gain new people for being a little more wide. When you form an in, you've formed an out, and this is about all of us, so lets open it up.

Chapter one, bring the gnarly, the hard to grasp, hard to believe, the nondual tell us like it is type of stuff, the scary the hardcore, the hard to believe or simply the stuff the sheeple can't seem to deal with.

Chapter two, bring the solutions, the small steps, the prayers, the art, the music.


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Did you watch the video posted in chapter one? Any questions, feedback, ideas?

The project is being written in the group titled the same as the book (because the group is writing the book), but here too links are welcome, so considerations can be made, and info spread.

As we add links, we will create an overview of the planetary situation, in a way geared for research, consideration, action and unity.

We have had many links come in, and to manage them all is a big task.

So here we will start to list that which people do to do something about what has been brought into view in chapter one. Will the prayers come in? Can we get a list of positive conscious actions? Will we be able to differentiate the stuff with good intentions from the stuff which may be the real solutions? can we observe the mainstream and the hidden from view? Will some be spiritual and practical? Will some be the best that unaware people can do? Will some look good but be infiltrated, or even just presented as one thing while beneath the surface a secret agenda is taking place? Will some be long term process, while others are short term?

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They say, "Join peace and truth activists from Vancouver to San Diego as we gather in San Francisco for the first ever 9/11 Truth West Coast Convergence"

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Here we became aware of others who also seek peace, a site dedicated to bringing awareness to people about the suffering of the poorest of the poor....


We found the website to say, "In early 2006, it became clear that the engagement of the U.S. government alone would not suffice to find a solution to the crisis in Darfur. The coalition determined that an effective response would only come with widespread international participation. Just after the April 30th rally in Washington, D.C., the coalition launched an aggressive effort to work with like-minded organizations around the world to coordinate and encourage global advocacy on behalf of Darfur.

Global Days for Darfur

On September 17, 2006, the coalition hosted a rally in New York City's Central Park as part of a ‘Global Day for Darfur,' at the opening of the sixty-first United Nations General Assembly. As part of the Global Day for Darfur, the coalition helped inspire and mobilize citizens to hold events in forty-one locales, including Khartoum, Darfur, South Sudan, Cairo, Kigali, Paris, and London. This global effort marked the first major collaboration between Darfur advocacy communities around the world.

With the coalition's involvement and leadership, organizations participating in the Global Day for Darfur continued to coordinate their efforts through the Globe for Darfur network (http://www.globefordarfur.org). Since last September, the Globe for Darfur network has organized three more ‘Global Days for Darfur.' The coalition provided leadership and funding for each of these efforts, and significantly contributed to the success of these coordinated global actions.

The second Global Day for Darfur was organized on December 10, 2006 to highlight the issues of rape and sexual violence in Darfur. Participants gathered outside Sudanese embassies around the world, where they set off rape alarms and blew whistles. In addition, the Globe for Darfur network published a letter from leading international stateswomen declaring that rape and sexual violence were "being used on a daily basis as weapons of war" in Darfur. Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright, former first lady of Mozambique Graca Machel, former president of Ireland Mary Robinson, and Palestinian legislator and scholar Hanan Ashrawi all signed the letter, among others. The coalition supported events by providing more than $130,000 in one-time grants to twelve foreign organizations. The third Global Day for Darfur on April 29, 2007 emphasized the need for the urgent deployment of an effective peacekeeping force. Events around the world aimed to maintain pressure on world leaders, and declared that "Time is Up" for action on Darfur. The fourth Global Day for Darfur took place on September 16, 2007, when activists around the world demanded that their leaders make Darfur a priority while attending the United Nations General Assembly.

Supporting International Partners

Since launching international outreach and advocacy efforts in May 2006, the coalition has formed significant and valuable partnerships with a number of NGOs in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, as well as those in the U.S. Through encouragement and in some cases financial support from the coalition, partners have hired full-time European Union lobbyists; developed a Globe for Darfur website; supported the attendance of Darfuri lawyers and human rights defenders at the U.N. Human Rights Council Special Session on Darfur; organized effective lobbying efforts that have strengthened the final U.N. resolution to authorize the appointment of a special investigative mission to Darfur; conducted capacity-building training for Darfuri lawyers and human rights defenders; lobbied member states at the fortieth and forty-first sessions of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights in The Gambia and Ghana, respectively; coordinated two continent-wide strategy meetings for engaged NGOs in Kampala and Brussels; participated in a forum and led panel discussions with major broadcast outlets in the Arab world; hosted a conference for Arab journalists covering the conflict in Darfur; lobbied during the 8th and 9th African Union summits; coordinated a Solidarity Day for Darfur with the participation of renowned South African musician Hugh Masekela; and supported efforts by Darfuri Diaspora communities, specifically the Darfuri Leaders Network, to coordinate their efforts.

By working with our international partners to make these efforts possible, the coalition has helped to ensure that Darfur remains a priority for the international community. World leaders are being confronted with the issue of Darfur not only in their own countries, but also nearly every time they travel to attend a conference or summit, creating a nearly constant drumbeat of activity on Darfur."

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SAVE THE SACRED SITES ALLIANCE brings attention to another very important truth to keep in view.......

"savethesacredsites@gmail.com................ "Our nation was born in genocide when it embraced the doctrine that the original American, the Indian, was an inferior race." - Martin Luther King Jr."


Sharon was born in the hospital in Cherokee, N.C. She was very sick as a child and her parents were told to leave her and go home. They were young and didn't know what might happen. When they came back Sharon was missing and was taken to the Florida Children's Home Society where many Native kids were taken at this time (1950s) and adopted out to white parents to assimilate them. Sharon has been looking for her family for years. She was one of the first lady rodeo bronc riders in her area. She started into burial and sacred site protection over 40 years ago. And founded Save The Sacred Sites. She also has been a strong advocate for the environment and abused women and children.
Dave was in the USMC 1966-70. Came out and became a rock musician, singer and writer. He met the founder of Detroit AIM who talked seriously to Dave about what he had done for Native people. Dave changed and began to get into issues of Indigenous peoples over 30 years ago. He co-founded Save The Sacred Sites. Dave has also been a strong advocate for abused women and kids and the environment and has written several songs about the environment.

"We are honored that you chose us to be part of you life experience. We do not take that responsibility lightly. We respect differences. And honor similarities. Since beginning this site there have been many learning experiences. And I personally have grown as a person. We now have a board of directors and are constantly adding to our membership. Any technical or legal questions that you have regarding sacred sites or burials should be directed to Sharon as she has been doing this for over 40 years. Issues and prayer requests should be sent to our inbox because the bulletins go by so fast with our large membership that we do not see them. Remember our prayers are with you all and your struggles for all your issues. And we hope that you pray for us also. By the Creator I ask blessings for your lives", Dave



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The Time to Stop a War on Iran Is NOW!


A war on Iran could dwarf even the Iraq war in its grim potential for devastating global conflict.

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Hydrogen Peroxide

A tip from http://www.hostingphpbb.com/forum/vie...


We know ..........vinegar/baking soda and now peroxide - our mothers
were right!

I want to share this with you, which was written by Becky Ransey of

"I would like to tell you of the benefits of that plain little
ol' bottle of 3% peroxide you can get for under $1.00 at any drug store. Most doctors don't tell you about peroxide, or they would lose thousands of dollars."

1. Take one capful (the little white cap that comes with the bottle) and
hold in your mouth for 10 minutes daily, then spit it out. (I do it when I
bathe or shower.) No more canker sores and your teeth will be whiter
without expensive pastes. Use it instead of mouthwash.

2. Let your toothbrushes soak a cup peroxide to keep them free of germs.

3. Clean your counters, table tops with peroxide to kill germs and leave
a fresh smell. Simply put a little on your dishrag when you wipe, or spray
it on the counters.

4. After rinsing off your wooden cutting board, pour peroxide on it to
kill salmonella and other bacteria.

5. I had fungus on my feet for years - until I sprayed a 50/50 mixture
of peroxide and water on them (especially the toes) every night and let dry.

6. Soak any infections or cuts in 3% peroxide for five to ten minutes
several times a day. My husband has seen gangrene that would not heal with any medicine, but was healed by soaking in peroxide.

7. Put two capfuls into a douche to prevent yeast infections. I had
chronic yeast infections until I tried this once or twice a week.

8. Fill a spray bottle with a 50/50 mixture of peroxide and water and
keep it in every bathroom to disinfect without harming your septic system
like bleach or most other disinfectants will

9. Tilt your head back and spray into nostrils with your 50/50 mixture
whenever you have a cold, plugged sinus. It will bubble and help to kill
the bacteria. Hold for a few minutes then blow your nose into a tissue.

10. If you have a terrible toothache and can not get to a dentist right
away, put a capful of 3% peroxide into your mouth and hold it for ten
minutes several times a day. The pain will lessen greatly.

11. And of course, if you like a natural look to your hair, spray the
50/50 solution on your wet hair after a shower and comb it through. You
will not have the peroxide burnt blonde hair like the hair dye packages, but more natural highlights if your hair is a light brown, faddish, or dirty blonde.
It also lightens gradually so it's not a drastic change.

12. Put half a bottle of peroxide in your bath to help rid boils,
fungus, or other skin infections.

13. You can also add a cup of peroxide instead of bleach to a load of
whites in your laundry to whiten them. If there is blood on clothing, pour
directly on the soiled spot. Let it sit for a minute, then rub it and
rinse with cold water. Repeat if necessary.

14 This list didn't have it, but I use peroxide to clean my mirrors;
there is no smearing, which is why I love it so much for this.

15. Gargle with hydrogen peroxide, put drops in the ear and nose to end
colds, flu, chronic sinustis (including polyps], and infections.

16. Use as a vegetable wash or soak to kill bacteria and neutralize

17. Disinfect your dishwasher or refrigerator.

18. Use it on trees and plants as a natural fungicide, insecticide, and
as a weed killer

19. Clean with hydrogen peroxide when your house becomes a biohazard
after its invaded by toxic mold, such as those with water damage.

Throughout the world hydrogen peroxide is used instead of chlorine as a
safer and eco-friendly municicpal water purifier. Some use H2O2 in pools
and spas.

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Manuel Valenzuela writes, "Human beings do not respond well to lies and deception, and the bigger the lie, the more malignant the truth, the greater is the quest to uncover what has been hidden, especially when the truth is as self-evident to common sense as to logic and reason and analysis and research. Humankind, by and large, craves the truth in everyday life, detesting lies, charades and manipulations. We also seek the concepts of justice where injustice dwells, desiring to bring justice to a world we know is full of injustice. The quest for truth and justice compels us forward, brings us strength, mobilizes energy and unites truth seekers."

Please read his statement in full.....

"The Unearthing: An Awakening Has Arrived"

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LUVeR is what THEY told us only a few years ago how the internet would be. But THEY now want us to believe that we little people can’t do this. In fact THEY are trying to force us little people off the internet, making the web just another corporate-controlled selling medium!


How to submit your band's music
You send it, we will play it!

Send your CDs, MP3 disks, tapes or vinyl to:

Frank Moore
PO Box 11445
Berkeley, CA 94712

LUVeR is a totally new communication media which combines live streaming, on-demand libraries of programming, audio, and video. LUVeR is an anti-corporate, anti-capitalist revolution! LUVeR is and will remain a non-corporate, d.i.y., totally uncensored, noncommercial, nonprofit internet-only communal collective with 24-hour "live" programming (by amazing people) with "no-limits" content.

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Here is a list of links, we clicked through a few, you do the rest!

Alliance for the Wild Rockies (AWR)
Alliance for the Wild Rockies (AWR) formed to meet the challenge of saving the Northern Rockies Bioregion from habitat destruction. We are thousands of individuals, business owners, and organizations taking a bioregional approach to protect and restore this great region. A membership-based nonprofit organization, our board and advisors include some of the nation's top scientists and conservationists. More about AWR- its mission, boards, and members.

Big Sky Conservation Institute
We are a non-profit, public interest organization dedicated to providing high quality technical and artistic services, training, consulting, and products to organizations, agencies, and individuals committed to environmental conservation and economic sustainability. We provide these goods and services in order to facilitate the creation and distribution of factually accurate and readily understandable public education materials, offering our specialized skills and knowledge to enhance the capacity of citizens working in the public interest from the local to the global level.

Buffalo Field Campaign

Clark Fork Pend Oreille Coalition (CFPOC)

Cold Mountain, Cold Rivers (CMCR)

The Ecology Center, Inc. (TECI)

Friends of the Clearwater
Friends of the Wild Swan
The Fungal-Jungal
Great Bear Foundation
High Plains Films
Montana People's Action (MPA)
Musicians United to Sustain the Environment
Natural Trails & Waters Coalition
National Forest Protection Alliance
Picture Tomorrow
Predator Conservation Alliance
RESTORE the North Woods
Swan View Coalition
WildFire Info Center
Wilderness Watch
Wildlands Center for Preventing Roads (WCPR)
Wild Rockies Field Institute (WRFI)
Women's Voices for the Earth (WVE)

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Moments of Kabir (momentsofhafiz) | 4 comments
What about food communication?


October 8, 2008

1. Watch the movies EARTHLINGS and MEET YOUR MEAT.

2. Read the book MAD COWBOY: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won’t Eat Meat.

3. Replace milk with soymilk, rice milk, almond milk, oat milk, multigrain milk, and hemp milk. Especially tasty: Silk Chocolate Soymilk*. Did you know cow’s milk causes acne! Think of cow’s milk as “liquid meat.”

4. Try Tofurky Deli Slices, Boca Burgers*, and Gardenburgers*. Mmmm. All Tofurky choices are 100% vegan. Too bad the same can’t be said for the entire selection from the other two companies. Let’s keep emailing them until they evolve all their recipes.

5. Treat yourself to Purely Decadent Ice Cream or Rice Dream Frozen Desserts (especially if you like Mint Chocolate Chip) or Whole Fruit Sorbet*.

6. Practice cooking. There are no rules. Be flexible with ingredients. Whatever tastes good to you is a recipe that rocks.

7. Join or start a small vegan group to swap info and share in the fun.

8. Explore. Check out your local farmers market for fresh organic goodies. Visit health food stores and Asian supermarkets for the yummiest “mock meat.” Browse all the aisles.

*White Wave makes Silk soymilk—and is owned by Dean Foods, a humongous U.S. dairy company. The Kraft Division of Phillip Morris owns Boca Burger. Kellogg’s acquired Gardenburger in 2007. J&J Snack Foods owns Whole Fruit Sorbet. Small companies often have a hard time saying no to those nasty mergers. But you always have the choice to say no. Whenever possible, shop locally and support small companies. Mergers happen. Just do your best.


Favorite brand: Chin Hsin Foods Company. Just look for the green bag in the freezer section for the many varieties, such as Vegan BBQ Pork.

Try Natural Food’s Vegan Gong Bao Chicken.

Check out these mock meat photos of nearly limitless options—so you know what to look for in your neighborhood Asian market. (Click on the name of each product to view photo and nutrition facts. Note that this company uses both the words “vegetarian” and “vegan” but EVERYTHING is vegan.)


Compassionate Cooks


Buffalo, elephants, hippos, rhinos, and gorillas are all vegetarians. These strong, massive animals get their protein directly from plants. The Western Lowland gorilla is small for a gorilla but still weighs in at about 300 hundred pounds. This gorilla has mighty jaws and enormous canine teeth perfectly evolved to rip into…nice leafy greens in the forests of Cameroon.


Soak seeds and nuts overnight in filtered water to release maximum nutrients.
Then eat them raw.



Go to “Growing” at the top of the page to learn the basics. For detailed instructions, click here and scroll down to “Sprouting Seeds by Family” on the right.


Oasis Sanctuary

You gotta remember Eddie from the bittersweet documentary, The Witness. He’s the construction worker who transformed an ordinary van into a media mobile with undercover film footage to educate the public about the fur industry and factory farming. He will continue to do that vital work but has exhausted his personal resources for the sanctuary he created for cats, dogs, turkeys, pigs, goats, and many others.

Luckily, all the farm animals have found new homes.

Love someone who no doubt will love you back. Consider adopting a dog buddy or cat buddy from the sanctuary.

No donation is too small. Pitch in whatever ya can. Putting our dollars together is how we always change our world.


Take a look at this permaculture home in Wales.


See Christian Bale photo. Get the T-shirt here and show your support.


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And what about Buddhism Practice as something people are doing and have done to take and give action?

One being that works so truly is Khenpo, have you heard about the Denang project? www.denang.org

A brother effort in a far off other part of the world is also at work........

The basic characteristic of Buddhist teachings is its emphasis on facing reality, engaging in practice and attaining insight. It does not require blind following of doctrines. Instead, the teachings aim to point out the real situation to awaken suffering beings that are lost in delusions.

The teachings reveal the path toward emancipation from suffering through analyses of its causes and consequences. In addition, they provide a positive and mature vision for human existence.

Whoever would aspire to liberation from worldly sufferings and dedicates oneself to the development of increasingly positive mental states could tread the guided steps and eventually attain enlightened realisation.


Buddhist practices are an engagement in order to gradually learn about how to reduce attachments and worldly tangles that are based on all sorts of grasping. Thus, liberated and skilled to develop positive attitudes, one may eventually approach limitless oneness in original purity.

Observation of Reality


All things are continuously evolving.


Human lives are full of all sorts of problems and hardships, especially obvious among them are the sufferings related to birth, aging, sickness and death. Although there are pleasures of life, none could last long. Therefore, from an extended point of view, human existence would seem to be just a gradual approach to decay and decease.


Based on some cases of rebirth and records of profound religious experiences it could be inferred that death does not amount to becoming naught. Rather there seems a spiritual continuity that goes through birth and death from life to next life.

Explanation of Reality

Conditional Arising

All phenomena arise as the result of combination of all sorts of conditions. All things are related as mutual causes or conditions for their interdependent co-emergence.

Causal Relations

Under all sorts of situations causal relations among events could be discerned. Even though it is impossible to comprehend all causal relations and their underlying principles, through accumulation of experiences we have had enough confidence in the existence of causal relations and their effective operation among phenomena.


Ordinarily people identify with body, blood relation, locality, society, culture, race, country, etc., as the center of importance at various levels and associate them with the notion of "self." Consequently, whatever outside this "self" becomes "others" and a barrier or even antagonism ensues.


Based on attachments to various kinds of "self" thoughts, speeches and activities arise to affect people and their surroundings. The collection of all traces of such thoughts, speeches and activities is called karma.


As results of conditional arising all things are impermanent. The world is full of sufferings. Based on attachments to "self" people create karmas. Tied down by causal relations it is difficult to escape from transmigration.


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A member of a hiking group that shares trips into nature for the purposes of dealing with the stress that comes from be aware of what has harmed our planet, environments, and the people of the earth has recently posted a link to a documentary on youtube. This video is an alarming expose' on a secret agenda to turn people into slaves of a new world order. Do you know anything about this?

About This Video

If you're not awakening to The New World Order, you will be. Everything that's needed for the rich and powerful to run every aspect of your life is in place. Within a few years there will be a cashless one world government, run by the richest people in the world. You will be "chipped" and tracked by the government, and if you protest, speak out, or otherwise displease Big Brother, your chip will be turned off, preventing you from buying or selling anything. The plan has started and in 2008, the "North American Union" will effectively eliminate the borders between the US, Canada, and Mexico. Also in 2008, you will be required to have a national I.D., soon after to become an implanted chip.

These scenes are taken from a video available at http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com I suggest you go there and watch the whole thing. It's about 2 hours long.

A concerned group of nature lovers.....

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Drea | 30 comments Mod


Intention - Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission: To host a vibrant and uplifting festival of yoga, dance, and music which awakens and nourishes each individual’s potential for positive change within, leading to positive change in our homes, in our communities, and around the world.
Vision: An annual multicultural festival celebration of yoga, dance, and music, which gathers and grows a diverse global community of teachers, performers, and participants. The festival will contribute positively to the ecological health, cultural vibrancy, and overall vitality of Bali.
The festival will serve as a centerpiece event and revenue engine for a foundation dedicated to global healing through local action. Based in Ubud, this foundation will provide the island of Bali with ongoing classes, workshops, and trainings in the fields of arts, culture, ecology, and spirituality, with an emphasis on programming for local youth.

Values: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” We recognize that the roots of global healing are found within each and every individual. We honor, respect, and promote the power of the sacred arts of yoga, dance, and music to nourish these roots. We pray that their fruits, a healthy and harmonious world, may be enjoyed by generations to come.

We are forever inspired by the island of Bali and the guiding principle of Balinese culture…

Tri Hita Karana: Harmony with God, Harmony in Community, Harmony with Nature

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Moments of Kabir (momentsofhafiz) | 4 comments Where one group of smart kids took it, was to have an event, where they could speak up and on the various world issues, via their music......

They have turned their backs on the corporate crap, and say so openly......

Bringing attention to the failure of the mainstream to support and recognize real talent and real culture....

Here is what we heard them say, "RO SHAM BO KNIGHTS feat KID CUDI (USA)

Ro Sham Bo is proud to present Kid Cudi, touring Australia for the first time this June.

In a time when the mass-production and commercial success of hip-hop is held in higher regard than originality, few fresh-faces stand up from the pack and demand to be counted. Luckily for us, KiD CuDi (aka Scott Mescudi), is one such face.

Originally from Cleveland, Cudi has called Brooklyn home for the past 3 years – a move he credits with his somewhat rapid rise to fame. After all, this was where he came to meet G.O.O.D Music A&R figure, Plain Pat, who worked closely with none other than Kanye West on his "Graduation" release.

Fusing alternative rock and hip-hop with a sprinkle of r n b, Cudi's tracks are laced with his unmistakable mellow, laidback, mid-west flow. Of most notoriety is "Day N Nite" – the ever-so-catchy stoner's anthem of 2008 - which was recently released by burgeoning American label Fool's Gold - co-owned by A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs and home to Kid Sister, Flosstradamus, Cool Kids and our very own Bag Raiders. With each verse of "Day N Night," Cudi unashamedly unveils flaws in his personality with a strikingly powerful effect:

"I look for peace but see I don't attain… Madness the magnet keeps attracting me."
Powerful words for someone who only celebrated his 23rd birthday last year.

A far cry from the monotonous rants about booty, bling and ballin' that many of his fellow rappers have become renowned for, Cudi quite deliberately leaves a piece of himself in each record:

"People like records they can relate to, even if you can't relate to something I speak about, you'll at least understand my mind, I won't lose anyone. Even if they haven't walked in my shoes, they'll feel me for me."

Perhaps this is why A-Trak had no hesitation in asking Cudi to join him, Sinden, Steve Aoki, Sammy Bananas, Jokers of the Scene, Treasure Fingers and more on the Fool's Gold vs DIMMAK Screaming Blood Murder Tour that left a path of devastation all over North America in April.

More recently Cudi received acclaim from both FADER and URB Magazine's, who have touted his upcoming "A Kid Named Cudi" mixtape and forthcoming debut album "Man on the Moon," as records to watch out for in the future.

Not enough for you? Well we'll let Rolling Stone, who featured Cudi in the "Best Indie Hip-Hop" category (along with Cool Kids) in their "Best of Rock 2008" issue, have the final word on this one:

"The Cleveland rapper with a killer sing-song flow got a major boost at South by Southwest, where he showed up higher-billed acts like Chromeo and Kid Sister."

Kid Cudi stops in Sydney for a very special intimate show at La Campagna on Liverpool St on June 21st.

Ro Sham Bo DJs Jimmy Sing, Moriarty, Sleater Brockman and Spruce Lee play either side of Cudi, smashing the finest in regional bass music from start to finish like no other DJ's can.

Tickets are extremely limited for this one of a kind event so make sure you don't miss out. This will sell out!!


Saturday 21st June
La Campagna
53 - 55 Liverpool St, City

Tickets $25 plus booking fee
Available from Jimmy Sing's Imports (302 Cleveland St Surry Hills) and moshtix.com.au

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James Daniel III is an artist residing in Asheville, North Carolina who works in oils, fresco, pen and ink, and charcoal and pencil. He was recently featured on the cover of American Artist Magazine's May issue. James has made a very generous commitment to the Himalayan Children's Fund whereby he will donate a percentage of all pictures purchased directly from him to the HCF. We are grateful for this kindness and encourage you to visit the James Daniel website and view his work at: http://www.studiojamesdaniel.com/

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Moments of Kabir (momentsofhafiz) | 4 comments གས#ལ་འད(བས་བར་ཆད་ལམ་ས(ལ་ན།
A Verse Taken from
in The Book of Seven Chapter Prayers by Padma Sambhava of Urgyan
beings in six realms misery by great troubled and
When the beings in the six realms are troubled by great misery and
especially Tibet of king subjects misery when
Especially when the king and people of Tibet are suffering
We must pray without doubt and uncertainty!
faith respect with devotion with real love and deep feeling pray if, when
For if we pray with genuine loving faith and devotion
Padma Sambhava compassion unchanging, constant looks, sees and acts
You, Padma Sambhava, will look on us all with your constant compassion.
Padma Sambhava of Urgyan we pray to you —
Please bless us that our wishes may be easily fulfilled!
When the beings in the six realms are troubled by great misery and especially when the king and
people of Tibet are suffering, we must pray without doubt or uncertainty! For if we pray with
genuine loving faith and devotion, you, Padma Sambhava, will look on us all with your constant
compassion. Padma Sambhava of Urgyan, we pray to you — please bless us that our wishes may be
easily fulfilled!

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To see photos visit the artists homepage:

Nawang Khechog is a Grammy nominee and one of Tibet's formost world music composer and musician. He is also one of the first Tibetan musicians to be able to break into international world music scene with his original and authentic musical compositions (solo and collaborative albums) to be distributed around the world through different record label. In 2007 Nawang received Tibetan Music Award ( Special Recognition , similar to Life Time Achievement Award) and International Civil Golden Award , The highest civilian award of Nepal.

Nawang was a monk for 11 years and studied Buddhist philosophy and meditation with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and many other Tibetan masters. He also lived as hermit, meditating in the Himalayan foothills for several years under the guidance of His Holiness.

When Nawang was hermit meditator in Himalaya

At Sedona Cultural Park
October 2001
Photo by Gerard Hutton

He aims to utilize music as a means to inspire non-violence, compassion and spirituality and for the freedom of Tibetan people. In the last few years, there has been some signs of interest from PRC governement for the future of Tibet by inviting the delegations of HH Dalai Lama and Tibetan Government in Exile in Tibet and China. "I hope", says Nawang, "this is a genuine sign of PRC government's interest in resolving the tragedy and suffering of Tibet. It is hard to trust but it will reveal its true face by year 2010. If this is genuine, negotiation and dialog is best for both sides interests."

Nawang has produced five albums by himself and co- produced two albums with Kitaro and Peter Kater-'Karuna'; a solo album, and 'The Dance of Innocents ' with Peter Kater on piano, ' Wind of Devotion' with R. Carlos Nakai (the most prominent Native American Flutist) ' In a Distant place ' with R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton (one of the world's great designer and builders of unique guitars ) Will Clipman (a leading percussionist). This album , they not only recieved the Grammy nomination but they also got three prestigious nominations from the 'Nammy Awards' (the Native American music awards) 'the Record of the Year',' the Best Instrumental Recording ' and 'the Best Duo or Group of the Year '.

Philip Glass, Allen Ginsberg,
Laurie Anderson and Nawang.

He also wrote and performed the music for the New York play, 'Road Home' directed by award winning director, Lawrence Sacharow and played by Martin Luther King Jr's daughter, Yolanda King, and other actors. (This is a multimedia play, filmed by Academy Award Winner Barbara Kopple and written by Academy Award Winner James Lecesne). He has played on Kitaro's Grammy nominated albums 'Mandala' and 'Enchanted Evening' and toured with him extensively in the US, Japan, Canada, Brazil and South East Asian countries.

Tour with Kitaro and Band
Nawang has performed at Carnegie Hall, Universal Amphitheater, Radio City Music Hall, Boston Symphony Hall, The Pentagon, World Peace Festivals, numerous schools, Art Galleries and RFK Stadium, just to mention a few.

Nawang with Edie Brickell, Paul Simon and Natalie Merchant.
He has collaborated with Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, Kitaro, Trey Anastasio [Phish:], Ustad Sultan Khan, Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma, David Bowie, Michael Stipe (R.E.M.), Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (nephew of the famous Qawalli singer), Natalie Merchant, Peter Kater, R. Carlos Nakai, Paul Winter, Allen Ginsberg, Patty Smith, Steve Gorn, and performed in the same concerts with U2, Pearl Jam, Taj Mahal, Beastie Boys, Ben Harper, R.E.M., Alanis Morissette, Bjork, Sonic Youth, Billy Corgan, Moby, Dave Matthews, Herbie Hancock, Tracy Chapman, KRS-1, Sean Lennon and A Tribe Called Quest.

Nawang with Nobel Peace Laureate Jose Ramos Horta
He has also performed many times at the prestigious yearly concerts of Tibet House, New York, benefit & Tibetan Freedom Concerts. Nawang also supports and participated many times with Peacejam Programs, an organization with twelve Nobel Peace Laureates on their Board of Advisors dedicated to youth education and greater human values.

Nawang's music has been used in various documentaries, most recently for part of the sound track of Hollywood's major motion picture 'Seven Years in Tibet,' directed by Jean Jacques Annaud and starring Brad Pitt. He also worked as a Tibetan Assistant Director and played six different acting rolls for the film.

Nawang as Assistant Director on the set of Seven Years in Tibet

He has also worked at a wide range of causes and organizations, ranging from Schools, Prisons, Buddhist Centres, Interfaith Services to the numerous benefit concerts for AIDS, Environment, Peace, and many Tibet support groups, as welI as the US Tibetan Re-settlement Projects.

Nawang was born into a nomadic family in Eastern Tibet, on a high mountain plateau, where trees can not grow and the wind whispers through the grasslands. He learned about life's lessons and survival at an early age. When he was only three years old, a yogi meditator convinced his father that it would be devastating for their family to remain in Tibet, so they fled the land. the family travelled thousands of miles to India on the backs of yaks. Following a treacherous three year journey, the yogi's prediction came true in 1959, when China took over Tibet. Nawang's family still suffered - most of his family, including his two younger sisters perished in the hot climate of India.

In 1981, Nawang met Leslie Christianson, they married and had two beautiful children, Sangye (son) and Tenzin (daughter). Now, they are grown up as two bright and beautiful children. While they were together in Australia, they helped to establish and became founding board members of Australia Tibet Council (ATC) with other Tibetans and Australians who were dedicated to help the situation in Tibet. Meanwhile Leslie became the first founding National Director for ATC and worked hard and effectively to make the ATC the most powerful Tibet support group in Australia. Nawang toured throughout Australia performing and educating Australians for the Tibetan cause and suffering. He also twice presented the first and second 'Five Point Peace Plan' for Tibet by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to the former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawk. After eight years of thier marriage,they seperated in 1989 but now both are re-married since 1997. Nawang's spiritual friend and his wife Tsering Youdon has finally able to immigrate and join him in USA, after three years of immigration waiting period.

In 1991, he was invited by Tibet House, New York and the co-founder and actor Richard Gere, for a North American tour. Nawang toured numerous cities by giving concerts and speaking out about the situation in Tibet to audiences, radio stations and newspaper journalists during the 'International Year of Tibet' Celebration.

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The Storm Has Arrived
Kelly Johnson

Philosophy, Theology, Science,
Time, Space, Earth,
Energy, Mass, Life.
All connected, ALL ONE.

Chapter One
Own Yourself

The truest thing is that we own ourselves. This has many implications and ramifications: ultimate responsibility for ones choices, the ability to learn from choices who’s outcome was other than what we wanted, that we can not be owned or ruled by another, we can comply with the path set by others but it is ultimately our choice whether we will follow the communal path or we can choose to see and question this path and its validity.

We have lived so long under the impression that we can be ruled by others and that our actions are another’s burden to bear. This is the result of having a culture of hierarchy in which only the top of the structure bears the burden of responsibility. And yet we live with paradox that those at the top have the power to avoid responsibility because they control the ramifications. Thus, there is no one taking responsibility for anything. “There is nothing we can do about it,” is a self-fulfilling prophesy.

The First Paradigm Shift will be: We, the masses, will begin to take responsibility for the choices we make and their ultimate outcome. We, as one, will change our behaviors so that the structure is one of sustainability, not growth. We will, further, understand that “WE” are the only ones with the power to make the world what we know it must be so that we can survive.

Chapter Two
Only We

Humans have constantly divided ourselves into groups of we and they. This is part of our nature that also results in the hierarchy culture. Both are falsehoods. There is no they and there is no hierarchy of personal value. The only difference in each of us is the moments that have brought us to the result of the here and now. We, which in my view would include all human life, are intimately and ultimately connected. What happens to one of us, will inevitably impact all of us. We all need air, water, food, shelter. We all survive on the same sustenance.! We live on a sphere. It is a lovely analogy for what comes around goes around, but it is, also, quite a literal fact. The air and water we pollute will come back around and quietly poison us later.

The “we, they” lie is what made slavery possible, it is what makes the murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi’s acceptable. We do not put together the connection of action and consequence. Terrorists are made, not born; they are made by poverty, pain and desperation.

The Second Paradigm shift will be: The people of the world will realize that we are all subject to the impact of our actions and choices. We will understand that we share so much more in common than we have qualities that divide us. We will realize the futility and destruction that results from the wasteful consumption of needless material things. We will realize that there is a joy in those around us and that happiness is found in those relationships and not the stuff we collect. We will come to understand that we have the qualities that are needed to heal our species’ collective spirit and we will make the choice to do so.

Chapter Three
Born Perfect

The single most damaging belief that we as a species hold is that we are born flawed, sinful, tainted. We justify our harmful deeds by believing that we could act no other way. We are only human after all. This is a cop- out, bull-shit. This very idea is why it is possible for us to do terrible, ugly, harmful, heinous things and not be shocked and awed by our abominable behaviors. We believe that we could act no other way. The apocalypse is a human created suicide path that could be avoided if we come to understand that we don’t have to destroy ourselves. There is a way to live within the earth’s natural rules and guidelines that will create equity and peace for us. All we have to do is change our minds about who we are as a species. Who we are as a world society. Remember that no two people share the exact same moments so no two people have the exact same perspective on the world. We must understand that our differences are things to be cherished and valued for they enhance our species and our differences are the one characteristic that binds us because they are the one true commonality that we all share. We are all different. Different in our physical construct and in our moments.

The Third Paradigm Shift will be: that the human race will understand that they are part of the natural web of life and that we are as perfect, fragile, lovely and unique, as is all life. That we are connected to and are part of the natural world and its systems and that diversity and complexity are part of the natural system’s means for survival and sustainability and thus, must be cherished. We will come to value diversity and complexity for the natural miracles that they are. We will no longer divide ourselves on the basis of superficial differences that are the true gift of nature. We will also come to cherish our connections with one another and the natural world.

Chapter Four
The Myth of Ownership

It is hard to come to terms with a social learning experience. I call it a learning experience because I believe the word “mistake” has so many negative connotations. The prism though which we see the world does not allow us to see “mistakes” for what they are: learning experiences. We must really understand this. We must see our past, our history, as opportunities to learn. Embrace our past so that we might learn from it. What worked, what did not? This brings me to my point; we have the responsibility to see what has worked in our culture and in natu! re. What social theories have worked on a global and natural scale? Have the social conceptions that we have adopted around the globe proven successful over the long term? These are questions that could easily be answered with even a superficial glance at human and natural history.
Ownership. How far can that word go? We know that we own ourselves. We own the clothes on our back, the house we live in, the car we drive. What about Earth’s water supply, air, bio-diversity, DNA strains, all life as we know it? How far does our reach go? The moon? The solar system? The universe?

The learning experience that we have to encounter and overcome is the myth that we own it all. That we could even conceptualize owning everything blows my mind. As big as we like to believe ourselves, we don’t, in fact, own everything. Owning means that we can do what we want with said owned thing. This terrible misconception has taken on a new life with the discovery of genetics. Now it seems humans can own a species or all of them, baring the whole human. One can, however, own the patents to the human G-nome. I’m serious. How far will we go with this? Is this a back door to slavery? What if we own a DNA block that only Irish have? Does it then follow that we own part of the Irish Body? This is very dangerous ground to be covering. The concept of ownership is a cornerstone of the society in which we live. And it is a distorted reality. Distorted by some of us who feel that the only power we can have is through the ownership of other things. The greatest power we have, though, is the power of choice. We can simply change our minds about ownership and what we can own and what we do own.

The forth Paradigm shift will be: We as a species will understand the limit of our capacity to own. We will realize our personal, physical boundaries and understand the nature of the “commonwealth”. We will come to understand the impacts of imaginary ownership and the impacts that it has on the rest of humanity and the living world. We will understand that ownership of the commons must be returned to the commons so that the vast common, public interest will be served.

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The Storm Has Arrived
Kelly Johnson

Chapter Five
God is Nature.

Perhaps the most difficult transition that will be made is the one of spirituality. It is the dividing rod. It is also the most nonsensical reason for our many divisions. God is nature and nature is god. God is every little thing down to the smallest subatomic particle and the energy that moves it. We must understand that God is so vast that humans could never have the capacity to fully comprehend it. When we even try to define God we limit our understanding of God. It takes all of our mutual-accumulative understanding to even touch the surface of the vastness of God. So to divide ourselves on this basis is futile. No one of us could possibly understand the depths to which God exists, so therefore, we may all have a small sampling of its reality. Sharing our understandings and accumulating and compiling our knowledge, are ways of increasing our connections to one another and to God. We must also include within our understanding of God, the living world and universe. To exclude these things from our understanding of God will only decrease our ability to deeply understand God and our duty to ourselves and each other and the earth we live on. God and nature have systems of balance and complexity in which they thrive. To limit complexity limits nature’s ! mechanisms to function in a healthy way, thus damaging our selves.

The Fifth paradigm shift will be: We humans will realize that we are all part of God and will rediscover our connection with each other and nature through this understanding. We will begin to understand the vastness of God and that we are a small and precious part of it.

Chapter Six
The System Change

Ultimately, the only way we will survive our own habitation is to change the system of society in which we live. The massive conglomeration of power in the system to a relative few is in deep contrast to the natural order of small niche ecosystems that function so well in the natural environment. If we extend this analogy to the societal structure, we find that extreme waste and consumption is eliminated. We find that needs supersede wants. We see that our own niches will provide what we need; if we live within the boundaries that nature sets up so that balance exists.

The Sixth Paradigm Shift will be: We will come to see the value of and the opportunity that is provided by the natural systems in which we all live. We will realize the wisdom of using nature as a survival guide because we will have realized that we are, indeed, part of nature and must live within the boundaries and parameters that exist naturally for balance and survival to exist.

Chapter Seven
Natures Way, Change Over Time

The one constant in life is the striving for survival and the changes that have always occurred to life systems over time so that life survives. Does it not follow, then, that nature or God would provide the means for our survival. Striving for life is one of the mechanisms built into the natural system for survival. And, if we are, indeed, the highest life form on the planet, then would it not follow that we have within ourselves the mechanism to survive our own destructive behavior, if only by socially evolving to the point of making the choice to live in a way that would provide that outcome. Wouldn’t nature or God make us smart enough or intuitive enough to realize that we have a choice? ! And self-interested enough to make that choice? Suicide is not the way of nature, if it was no species would survive.

The Seventh Paradigm shift will be: We will come to see our value; as a species and each of us, as individuals. We will come to understand that there is a way to survive because nature or God has given us the tool to catalyze the change.

We will begin to love ourselves again.

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Audio : Hunger Striker Takes on Shell Oil

The Next Level Show - 13th September, 2008

As Shell Oil persists with plans to impose development of a gas field
over the protests of a local community, a 54-year-old school principal,
Maura Harrington has commenced a hunger strike to prevent
the laying of a sea pipeline. We speak with her live from the protest
scene, and with fellow Shell to Sea campaign member Terence Conway.

Broadband Mp3 Audio
Click to Play or Right-Click to 'Save As' and Download.

Dialup Mp3 Audio
Click to Play or Right-Click to 'Save As' and Download.


Campaign Website:

'Ireland should not negotiate away it's environment for the sake of a few jobs..''
Dr Owens Wiwa, brother of of executed Nigerian poet Ken Saro Wiwa

Email your protest in support to:

Harrington hunger strike continues

By Toni Bourke - 12/09/2008

High-profile Shell to Sea campaigner Maura Harrington has vowed to
continue her hunger strike until written confirmation is given that the
Solitaire is out of Irish territorial waters. At the time of going to print
yesterday evening (Thursday) she was in her car at Glengad maintaining
her protest.

Interview with Maura Harrington


Shell to Hell


Discover Corporate Ireland


Hunger strike and arrests at sea as Shell ship arrives

BY ADAM MURPHY - An Phoblacht

GARDAÍ arrested local fishermen off the Corrib coast in County Mayo on
Wednesday for being near the world’s largest pipe-laying vessel, brought
in by the Shell multinational oil giant to develop its controversial gas

And as the Garda was being used to defend the oil giant’s interests, local
schoolteacher Maura Harrington has gone on hunger strike in front of the
Shell compound, vowing to refuse food until the Shell-contracted ship
leaves the area.

The ship at the centre of this latest episode in the long battle against
multinational exploitation, the Solitaire, arrived off the coast of Mayo this
week. The ship is accompanied by a number of Shell support craft, a
Garda Water Unit and the Irish Naval Service.

Hundreds of gardaí have been drafted into the area, the main road to the
beach has been closed, and internet access in the area near the Shell
compound has been cut off.

Locals have been alarmed at the draconian security operation in
progress, particularly by the presence of figures in green rainjackets who
have not been identified as gardaí.

Opposition to the pipe-laying operation includes local fishermen who are
worried about contamination of the waters they depend on, residents
concerned that the offshore section is being put in place while no planning
permission exists for the onshore section, and environmental and political
activists based in the solidarity camp.

Gardaí are threatening to detain anyone on any craft that approaches the
path of the Solitaire. Fishermen from nearby Porturlin who refused to
move their crab gear from the path of the Solitaire were arrested on
Tuesday night. A large group of local people protested outside the police
station in Belmullet at the arrests. The men were released at midnight,
went fishing again on Wednesday morning, and were immediately
rearrested. Protesters are engaged in a series of actions designed to
slow the project.

In recent weeks there have been 29 separate arrests in the area around
Glengad beach, where the pipeline is due to make landfall. While some
newspapers have claimed that the project - which is being carried out by
a consortium of companies including Statoil from Norway and Marathon
Oil from Texas in the United States - will benefit Ireland, even though all
of the natural gas will belong to the Corrib partners and no royalty will be
charged, there is no contractual obligation for Shell, the scheme’s major
shareholder and operator, to sell any of the gas to Bord Gáis Éireann, and
so the resource will be sold to the highest bidder.

Bord Gáis has confirmed that there will be no financial benefit to Irish
consumers from the Corrib gas field.

Environmentalists have warned that Shell will use the precedent of an
onshore refinery to strong-arm their way into installing similar schemes in
other places around the world. A production pipeline passing through a
residential area is unprecedented.

The Irish Government, including Green Party ministers at the Department
of Environment and Natural Resources who opposed Shell before going
into government, has backed Shell’s scheme. Last month, the Garda
released figures showing that €11 million has been spent policing the
project since 2006 - more than half the amount the force spent on fighting
organised crime.

Activists on the ground have asked for solidarity actions such as pickets
and lobbying of Green Party politicians in Ireland, Britain and mainland
Europe to take place in solidarity with the people of Mayo and against the
actions of the Shell multinational oil giant.

Sinn Féin TD Martin Ferris has strongly condemned the arrest of
fishermen in Broadhaven Bay and called on the Green Party members
of the Government, prominent in support of the Rossport Five in 2005,
to use their influence to bring an end to the heavy handed treatment of
local protesters.”


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Drea | 30 comments Mod

Another place we can go from chapter one is into healing movements.....

Maybe we can look at healing arts of movement as something that can be done....

Why not start with our own?


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Some people think a super focus on food will help get this planet on the right track. A focus on food by millions of people, one so huge a new round of spiritual activism will spring from our hearts that makes the sixties look small. And since we know how many people from the sixties sold out once they made it big, since we know that those who didn't sell out were attacked and marginalized until their progress slowly became a thing of the past, since we know how media works against the truth movement so that people become confused about our need for activism.......

Food is starting to become the last place that has any rally power....

This post is deadicated to those who aim to bring new life to spiritual activism.

The post is just a little info the jump start deeper discussions....

Not everyone who believes in food communication uses or supports the product mentioned, but we would sure like to know if you have used it and if you like it or not. And why.

The below is just some of what i found about it, please follow the link to get the full report. But here is enough of the info for our purposes....

Here is the jump start...


Sometimes science discovers something so very special... that even the scientists who uncover it may not realize just how momentous it is -- at least for many decades.

On some occasions, that's been due to lack of available instruments to dig deeper into the discovery. Such was the case with the discovery of prostaglandins, which are produced in every cell of your body.

Continuing research will surely reveal tremendous new insights into these fascinating nutrients.

Scientists already know that they have dramatic and far-reaching implications for your state of health... and that they particularly impact your body systems, especially if you are a woman.

Are you interested in discovering how to improve the action of prostaglandins for your most fabulous health? Then keep reading...

How the Accidental Discovery of Prostaglandins Gives You Intentional Health Support

Prostaglandins are part of a family of substances called eicosanoids. They were first discovered during the 1930's by Ulf von Euler of Sweden. He named them prostaglandins because he thought they came (only) from the prostate gland.

Since that time, scientists determined that they exist in every cell of your body, regardless of your sex. They act like hormones, in that they perform many regulatory functions.

But unlike hormones, they don't travel around your body. Instead they perform their functions locally, right in the cells where they're made.

In mammals, prostaglandins form by synthesizing fatty acids.

These prostaglandins are active for just a short time. They are highly potent substances which you must continually produce to supply your needs, because they cannot be stored by your cells.

Some of the processes they are thought to contribute to include:

Moving calcium and other substances into and out of cells*
Supporting optimal blood viscosity*
Controlling blood pressure levels*
Regulating secretions, including digestive juices and hormones*
Controlling fertility processes*
Regulating division and growth of cells*
Supporting your body's immune system*
Regulating the metabolic rate of various tissues*
Since they can impact your health in so many ways, what can you do to improve your production of prostaglandins?

Prostaglandin Production at Warp Speed

One of the best ways to improve your prostaglandin production is to adjust your diet for maximum control of your insulin levels... by reducing or eliminating sugars and grains, and by developing an exhilarating exercise program which helps your body manage its insulin production.

Of course, normalizing your vitamin D levels, getting adequate sleep, eating plenty of veggies, and optimizing your omega-3 levels all play a role in your optimal health and prostaglandin production.

But if you're a typical seeker of high level of health, you probably want to enhance your prostaglandin production in all the ways you can...

And that's precisely why I developed Krill for Women with Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) -- especially with female health in mind.

For your ease and convenience -- and the synergistic effect of combining krill oil and EPO -- I developed a product that merges them into one easy 'caplique'.

Consider this...

How Evening Primrose Supports Optimal Health*

The beautiful evening primrose may contribute to your beauty by supporting healthy skin, hair, and other systems of special interest to women.*
Evening primrose is a North American wildflower that isn't even really a true primrose. Its flower opens in the evening, explaining that part of its name.

Traditionally valued as a source of food (its roots and seeds were eaten), it was also used as an herbal medicine by Native Americans.

Modern interest focuses on its small dark seeds, which produce an oil rich in essential fatty acids. Its EFA profile includes 65% linoleic acid and 8-10% gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), critical precursors for manufacturing prostaglandin E-1 -- which helps support normal inflammatory levels and optimal health.*

A little more explanation is in order...

Understanding the Mysterious Prostaglandin Connection

Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) is an essential fatty acid (EFA) in the omega-6 family, found mainly in certain plant-based oils, like evening primrose oil. Your body needs EFAs, but cannot produce its own supply. That's why EFAs must be obtained from your diet.

GLA is responsible for normal functioning and growth of cells, nerves, muscles and organs throughout your body -- including normal brain function, skin and hair growth, bone health, metabolic control, and reproductive health.*

Truly, all your cell membranes depend on GLA to carry out their functions*.

Without adequate GLA, your cells operate at less than full capacity. Sooner or later, important functions break down, leaving you feeling at less than your peak... possibly even feeling droopy, dragged out and unable to enjoy all the assets and activities of your life.

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deZengo (sacredspace) | 3 comments There is so much great information here - I truly will have to read/ reread to fully digest. Your effort to spread truth is appreciated.

Blessings & Bliss,

Drea wrote: "The Storm Has Arrived
Kelly Johnson

Philosophy, Theology, Science,
Time, Space, Earth,
Energy, Mass, Life.
All connected, ALL ONE.

Chapter One
Own Yourself

The truest thing is that we own ours..."

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Seva Rainforest  (sevarainforesthealingartstudio) | 5 comments Drea wrote: "
In our first step, we leaped back to produce results, and shared a kind over overview of our planetery situation. But thats just the tip, just an "om point" into the truth process. A little someth..."

God Speaks: The Theme of Creation and Its Purpose

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Seva Rainforest  (sevarainforesthealingartstudio) | 5 comments Selfless service of the brave is a rare path when most are falling for the self clinging style! We are blessed to have found the weavers and now we can keep our yoga and art grounded with true sustainable values! Jai Bonsai!

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Seva Rainforest  (sevarainforesthealingartstudio) | 5 comments deZengo wrote: "There is so much great information here - I truly will have to read/ reread to fully digest. Your effort to spread truth is appreciated.

Blessings & Bliss,

Drea wrote: "The Storm Has Arrived

Well basically it is just that, a hub to digest the global points of view becoming the namaspirit view of global activity. All our blogs and online hubs are synchronizing with the global point of view as we start to act local while thinking global. This is a strong bodhicitta motication as Baba helps us to stay grounded in multi-cultural awareness.... Too many people in the usa suffer from a white washed start with my trust fund attitude as if they are at the center of all the natural forces in the universe.

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Seva Rainforest  (sevarainforesthealingartstudio) | 5 comments Drea wrote: " "NEW ART BOOK BY: PETE, BRON, SNAPJACKSON, BICASSO"

Super cool to see the growth of both the artists and the studio!

Will spread the music far and wide and look for shows!

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Seva Rainforest  (sevarainforesthealingartstudio) | 5 comments Drea wrote: "Audio : Hunger Striker Takes on Shell Oil

The Next Level Show - 13th September, 2008

As Shell Oil persists with plans to impose development of ..."

Sharing is caring and taking this forward we adjust as we see the need.... Breaking away from break the news, namaspirit stands with redice! You will see the link up on all the blogs and we look foward to seeing you at 3fourteen!

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A book called "happening as us, through us, to us"

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