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Yoshi I'm puzzled because I seem to be missing the last chapter or so of my book. My copy of the book ends with Lila flashing forward 50 years, ending up at her sister's house and killing a bunch of operatives from her old employer. She then walks off into the sunset.

Did I miss the resolution of the Mothkin or any other resolution for that matter?

I'm stumped.

message 2: by Blue Eyed Vixen (last edited Dec 11, 2009 05:10PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Blue Eyed Vixen Hi Yoshi, it did seem that way (no...you're not missing the last chapter of your book. It was odd when Lila was suddenly back in Otopia (Earth) on the beach with "normal" skin and limbs (she remarked about having toes for the first time since the accident).
If you remember when she first went into the world of Fae that her partner at the agency Malachi (Cat) told her that time moves unpredictibly in Fae. In Lila's reality it was only 2 days when she huntled down the Winter King (Jack) and was to seek someone to rid the mothkin from Otopia.
After Jack dies and Tath takes his place, and Lila has travelled to the "Hall of Champions of the Light" where Thingamajig (god I love that name) the Imp is left, Lila seeks out the hunter Moguskul to help with the mothkin problem.
Lila makes a deal with Moguskul that he can freely travel in Otopia for a year and a day if he returns her to Otopia and rids them of the Mothkin.

When Lila arrives on the beach near her parents house, she is greeted by one of Malachi's friends who informs her that 50 years have in fact passed, not 2 days, and the hunter kept his bargain and removed the mothkin. The Hunter stayed the year with no more than a "strangness" as the faery described it.

I was left with the questions...

What is going on with her crazy robotic system. In Fae it was still taking over her human body, then when she arrives back in Otopia on the beach she has all her body back (so it would seem) then when she has kills the agents at back at her parents house and tends to Teazles wounds (can't keep a bad demon down - gotta love Teazle - even if he does smell like a wet dog!) pop!... she's back to leather-clad skin again. OMG - left my head spinning..

The 2 agents who attacked her???...
were these the other experimental agents Lila had discoveredwhen she went on the hunt for controllers at her headquarters?

Her sister Max - what became of her???

Who was the imp Thingamajig really??? if the dagger belonged to him and it was the one and only "sword of intent" what sort of daemon was that cheeky little imp???

And Zal - did he survive??? or did the pregnant one of the 3-sisters decide to keep him to themselves because she did admit that he was a favorite of theirs??? poor Zal??? and poor Poppy and Vi'dia the water dragon faeires who died trying to help Zal
I guess that keeps us hanging out for the next book!

Can't wait to read book 4 (Chasing the Dragon) - this has been a great series!

Chasing the Dragon Chasing the Dragon (Quantum Gravity, Book 4) by Justina Robson

Larry Kenney You pretty much hit it on the head right there.

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