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Maris ...6. Repetition. Ms. Meyer must have used the phrase “voice like velvet” to describe Edward a thousand times in Twilight. In her third book, Eclipse, she repeated the same ideas over and over again until they were ingrained into my head for life. It seemed like I was going in circles – I would read the exact same things that I just read. At first I was confused, but then I realized that Ms. Meyer was just filling space. It offended me because she assumed her readers weren’t smart enough to recognize that she was repeating herself. Also, repetition made the books unreadable for me – after reading almost half of Eclipse, I had to put it down. I considered reading it a definite waste of my time.
7. Ms. Meyer is by far the laziest author I’ve ever read. She fiddles around with unimportant facts or opinions (which I believe is why the books are so long) and then forces her characters to change the situations so she doesn’t have to explain anything.
" can you come out during the daytime?"
He laughed anyway. "Myth."
"Burned by the sun?"
"Sleeping in coffins?"
"Myth...I can't sleep." –Twilight
Ms. Meyer just eliminated four legends about vampires with a few phrases. She was lazy and decided that Edward would just dissolve the ideas about vampires, and she wouldn’t have to give any explanation.
8. Overload on the foreshadowing! Besides repeating herself one thousand times over, Ms. Meyer foreshadows everything so that there is no suspense whatsoever. “It’s as if I smell bad,” Bella says when Edward is leaning away from her in Biology. Of course, that’s the reason why he avoids her. It just seems that Ms. Meyer completely forced this book, and didn’t just let it flow from her fingertips the way good authors do. She’s handing clues to readers on a silver platter, while they should be solving these puzzles in their heads.
9. Oh goodness, it’s fan fiction! These books were written to please the reader. Like I said before, the words of a beautiful story did not flow from Ms. Meyer’s fingertips. Rather, she planned everything to happen (which is not good because human wants are usually very similar and a monkey could guess what’s going to happen next). She wrote this to set aflame teenage girls’ hormones, and it’s sad how our generation has succumbed to that. They’ve completely given Ms. Meyer the power to turn them on. Twilight, like all other chick lit, does not make you use your imagination. I’ve noticed that the most common characteristic in my favorite books is that they all encourage me to work the gears of my brain to try to solve the puzzle of the plot. However, as I mentioned above, Ms. Meyer’s excessive amount of foreshadowing eliminates any use of the real imagination. It feeds the story to you. That is probably one of the reasons why it is so appealing – you don’t have to think, to solve, to work, to read Twilight. The author does everything for you!
10. It shows this generation’s true colors. Young girls obsess over this book and literally call it the best book they’ve ever read. Our society should be reading books that we can get something out of, books that teach us a lesson, inspire us. Twilight is pointless and definitely does not inspire you. The only thing that Twilight does is reinforce the notion that women need to be rescued by Prince Charming. It sickens me to read comments such as this one: “I would rather read a more gripping story than a literary achievement any day,”3 posted on internet discussion sites. What has this world come to? Perhaps the reason why this book is earning so much hype is because there is nothing for the general audience to compare it to – a saddening thought.
11. Girls are literally obsessing over this book. I know several girls who are pretending to be the characters from Twilight. It’s quite unhealthy. To thoroughly enjoy and love a book is perfectly fine but to expect the outcome for yourself, for your own life, is absurd and immature. I know people who actually think they’re vampires because of this series. It’s driving our generation mad, placing simply ridiculous notions in girls’ heads when they should be focused on school and their futures. Girls are actually threatening other girls who dislike the Twilight series: “What is your name, address and phone number, just so that i can track you down ank kill You with my super awesom vampire powers THAT I AQUIRED FROM READING THE SERIES!!!!!!!!!! do you WANT a cult of angry twilight luvers like mysef at your doorstep at night trying to behead you????? you shouldnt voice an absurd oppinion like this on the internet.4” Notice how the commentator used the word “cult”. Groups, or rather cliques, devoted to Twilight are gaining momentum. Divisions are forming between friends because of this book. Now it’s just like fashion: if you haven’t read Twilight, or if you dislike it, you’re not cool.
12. I suppose I am biased. Reading is my favorite thing to do, and I enjoy real literature – books that are deep, dark and depressing. My out-of-the-roof reading level definitely proves to me that there are better reads out there – you just have to look.
TwilightNew MoonEclipseBreaking Dawn

message 2: by Gemma, The Bitchy One (new)

Gemma | 357 comments Mod
hello :) wonderful to have you on our humble little forum. I must applaud all of your points because they voice everything I have been too lazy to type!

The points that I noticed the most were 10 and 11. Simply stating the effect that this sad excuse for literature has had on tweens across the globe. ITs pathetic and slight frightening (in my opinion at least). Not only is Stephanie Meyer telling tweens that it is OK to completely depend on a man to support/protect you (a la, damsel in distress), she also teaches them that there are no consequences for their actions (the disaster that was breaking dawn: having sex young-leads to baby-baby grows up a week later-end of story) Sorry kids but that's not how real life works!

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