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message 2: by Dimitri (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:51PM) (new)

Dimitri (rottenzombie) | 2 comments thanks, found some stuff I was searching for.

message 5: by Silvana (new)

Silvana (silvaubrey) compiled by my forum (last updated 31 Jan 08)

Top Sites:
http://www.fictionbook.ru/ (good ebooks site, Russian, very large collection)
http://www.anonib.com/bookchan (one of the best eBooks site you could find)
http://www.sacred-texts.com (Providing ancient text and manuscripts)
http://www.gutenberg.net/ (classical literature)
http://www.greylib.align.ru/ (Russian site, providing a lot of novels)
http://gigapedia.org/ (Good ebooks site)
http://www.esnips.com/ (random eBooks)

Good Sites
http://king.bestlibrary.ru/e-books/no... (stephen king novels)
http://allmagic.com/ (magic books)
http://dwalin.ru/books/ (good ebooks site)
http://www.rinf.com/e-books/magick_bo... (occult-related ebooks)
http://home.comcast.net/~bandung/ (Kho Ping Hoo)
http://betah.co.il/BooksCatalog.aspx?... (Guest only could download 50/day)
http://www.chmpdf.com/archives/ebooks... (Programming eBooks)
http://ccc.1asphost.com/assalam/e-Boo... (Islamic eBooks)
http://www.islamhouse.com/ (Islamic eBooks)
http://www.islamaudiovideo.com/ (Islamic eBooks)
http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/... (good eBooks site)
http://www.pustakamaya.com/ (good ebooks site)
http://ebook.planindo.com/ (Indonesian eBooks site)
http://www.mslit.com/default.asp?mjr=FRE (classical eBooks)
http://dev.mysql.com/ (Free mysql eBooks)
http://www.nprp-bookworm.blogspot.com/ (file hosted on rapidshare)
http://doctorebooks.com/ (medical related eBooks)
http://www.flazx.com/ (IT-related eBooks)
http://www.topmdi.com/ (various eBooks)
http://premier.sms2.smsbase.hu/Ebook/ (great eBooks listing)
http://threekingdoms.com/download.htm (Romance of Three Kingdoms eBooks)
http://www.planetpdf.com/free_pdf_eb.... (Free PDF eBooks)
http://www.freebookspot.com/ (Great listing of free eBooks)

message 6: by Ratih (new)

Ratih (erdeaka) | 2 comments ada yg tahu ga, di mana cari free ebook novel2nya Jin Yong?? thanks.....

message 7: by Ratih (new)

Ratih (erdeaka) | 2 comments is there any one who knows free ebook website for jin yong classical novels??

message 8: by owl (new)

owl (buzenk) | 1 comments buzenk like this!!

message 9: by Ari (new)

Ari (adeari) | 1 comments great !!

message 10: by Florentine (new)

Florentine | 2 comments cari free ebooknya johanna lindesy, dimana ya?

message 11: by Florentine (new)

Florentine | 2 comments da tahu political ebook ga? dimana carinya?

message 14: by Agung (new)

Agung (fullowaferstik) | 1 comments Missririz wrote: "ebook-ebook terjemahan dalam bahasa indonesia (format djvu) :


ebook english peng..."

.djvu bukanya pake apa ya?

message 15: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 1 comments @ Agung
Untuk membuka file yang berformat.djvu bisa menggunakan software WinDjView-0.5

message 16: by Rob (new)

Rob G | 1 comments Here is a great site for eBook Apps.


message 18: by Umi (new)

Umi (umimaulana) | 1 comments Akhirnyaaaa...aku menemukan grup ini.Thx God,bisa nyari ebook.Makasih kawan2 Goodreads^^

message 19: by Paris (new)

Paris Dunkan (ParisDunkan) | 1 comments Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know about my new ebook Where Did Snow Go? This is my first children’s picture ebook, it is about Snow a very bored little owl; fortunately for him a little extra sleep will lead him on a great adventure across the world! It is free on 3/9/13 and 3/10/13, so head on over to http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BQSM8JQ and let me know what you think!

message 20: by Germanio (new)

Germanio Puglio | 4 comments Hello. I am writing to promote my e-book “Lost at Glassy Sea”, by Germanio Puglio. It is a historical Romance/Fiction. IT IS CURRENTLY FREE TODAY ONLY! Here is a short description:

"Lost at Sea" is a novel which follows the lives of a young, modern treasure-hunting couple, as well as the life of a seventeenth-century teenage girl, Emma, who is accidentally deserted by her father while their cargo ship is raided by pirates. Emma is forced to live with a ship full of buccaneers for two months. She finally escapes them and gives birth to a child conceived during her unwilling confinement. Both stories end with the protagonists finding eventual happiness, contentment, and prosperity. Includes 53 chapters, with a description of 17th-century Port Royal. Contains some mature content. Recommended for age 17+.

Here is an excerpt:

“Captain Fontaine rubbed his eyes in disbelief. Coming through the choppy waves were about a dozen canoes. The were dangerously rocking back and forth in the water. The men in the canoes began shooting at his ship. A few of the crew of the Anne-Marie were shot with muskets, and fell into the water. The crew that was still alive quickly pulled up the anchor, so that their ship could flee. As they toiled, the mainsheet and brace were shot away, and the ship turned helplessly into the wind. Feeling that they had no choice, the sailors began to raise a white rag next to the French flag that rippled above them in the rain and wind. The Anne-Marie had surrendered.”

The link to the book is:


I had fun writing it, and it was inspired by my love of pirate stories.

message 21: by Germanio (new)

Germanio Puglio | 4 comments Sorry the last link does not work: The link to Lost at Glassy Sea is actually:


Somehow my last link got a period in front of it!

Free only until midnight!

message 22: by Joss (new)

Joss Sheldon | 1 comments Hi there,

My ebook, 'Involution & Evolution', is free to download from Amazon today. Just click here:

'Involution & Evolution' is a story about understanding overcoming compulsion, love overcoming revulsion, and oneness overcoming abuse. A story about the rare sort of kind geniality, and brave morality, which we all possess but seldom use.

A story about a World War One conscientious objector named Alfred Freeman, who does all that he can, to oppose the war and stand for peace. He performs good deeds, helps people with needs, and disobeys his nation's police.

But the warmakers hit back with acts of persecution, and threats of execution, which leave him writhing in pain. Will he survive? Will he stay alive? Or will his efforts be in vain?

Available from Amazon as an ebook and a paperback, 'Involution & Evolution' is a rhythmic attack, which will get inside your head. A scathing critique of modern warfare, with spiritual vigour and poetic flair, it is a novel which needs to be read.

Thanks for reading this post!



message 23: by Jordi (new)

Jordi Ribolleda | 1 comments FREE BOOK
The Mortal Fringe
The book will be free today, and probably tomorrow!!!
A YA Paranormal Romance set in Barcelona followinng Alex in his journey to keep his soul from being taken from him.
Enjoy this YA Novel for FREE TODAY AT:


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