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Sofia Galvez Sofia Aug 03, 2011 04:35PM
Why o why? Poor Marc and then to blame grief and tequila. Smh..... i lost a lil respect for Faythe cause she didnt even know if Marc was dead or alive. Thoughts?

Faythe and Jace was probably the worst mistake she made but we all make mistakes and we just have to deal with them. I think she could have handled the situation a little better but she dealt with it her way which kinda made it a living hell for her.

Chelsey (last edited Sep 28, 2012 11:06AM ) Sep 28, 2012 11:03AM   1 vote
I think Jace and Faythe should be together. Marc is sooo heavy and serious and depressing. Jace is the perfect amount of playful, loyal and serious (after Ethan died). Marc is just too much, he is always guilt tripping Faythe and making her feel bad because she is not at his level of love and maturity yet. Jace is just there to support her and sometimes challenge her and he doesn't doubt her. I wanted Faythe to choose Jace because he would be amazing for her. I think Marc makes her too serious too fast, and he always acts hurt and like he is the victim to get his way. And that is not fair, because it causes Faythe to change her mind about marriage and kids, and that makes her seem flaky and selfish and it forces her to make decisions she isn't ready to make yet. He is asking too much of her, Faythe already has a large obligation to her pride to have many kids until she has a girl, to run a home along side a husband or be an Alpah. And now Marc wants to add marriage at a young age. Give a girl some space. Yes Faythe makes some stupid and reckless decisions but she wouldn't if she didn't have Marc constantly playing the "Pobre me" guilt card all the time, so what if he loves her a billion, no one has the right to make someone feel like their decisions are not adequate because they do not benefit anyone else. That is why I like Jace, he loved Faythe for a long time but never tried to guilt her into loving him back or choosing him. He proved his love and won her heart the right way. Marc is a jerk that used his macho love me because I love you more than air attitude to guilt a young woman into being with him. Yes Faythe makes stupid decisions often but it no excuse to be controlled.

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Oh yeah, this incident really started the love triangle. I actually had hopes in the beginning of the series that maybe, maybe this series won't have a serious love triangle. Oh well. I was wrong, and Faythe became a real pain in the ass!

Just finished the book and yeah was pretty disappointed in Faythe when she did that. Especially using drinking/grief as an excuse. I've always liked Jace but I like Marc now as well and that's just not something you do when you are so in love and that person is out fighting for their life. Maybe getting caught up in it for a few moments but having events go all the way just left me sadder than before.

I think it happened during the tequilla session because Jace & she had been such good and close friends up til then and they both wanted to FEEL something alive to hide their pain. Or more likely, Faythe had always had a little bit of the hots for him and that's why it happened. Regardless, OMG what trouble this will bring!!!

Loes M. (last edited May 09, 2014 02:09AM ) May 09, 2014 02:04AM   0 votes
I don't like Faythe very much ... She is very irresponsible and refuses to see beyond her own needs. She is too busy thinking about running away and being free to realise what is going on. Especially when she gets captured by Miguel, I couldn't help but think it was her own fault (I mean, tabbies were disappearing right and left and she thinks it's a good idea to go out in the middle of nowhere to be alone?)

And don't even get me started on the love triangle! A lot of YA novels have love triangles like this, and I feel like Rachel Vincent just put it in because of that. It was completely unnecessary and there was already plenty going on without throwing this into the mix. Faythe just keeps handing her enemies ways to destroy her!

That said, I think she should have gone with Jace. Marc may have been there from the beginning, but he's way too intense and controlling. I do not see him take on the role of husband of the alpha. I mean, she is going to have ultimate say in all pride's business and I cannot see him bowing down to her. He is way too uptight and controlling to let her "rule". Jace was not a good match for her either, until Ethan died. Then he really grow up and it is clear he loved her. Less intensely than Marc, but in a better and healthier way. He respects her as a woman and as an alpha where Marc just threats her as his possession. Jace makes her feel alive and this relationship is compared to the deeply loving and committed relationship of her parents.

Faythe is constantly whining about her freedom and abuot not wanting to belong to anybody and have her own life. Her choosing Marc is therefore unbelievable. As an alpha, she already belongs to the pride, and taking on a husband who is so possessive and controlling over her makes no sense. She should choose someone who can defer to her where the pride is concerned and who loves her and supports her in everything but is also willing to let her go and do her own thing. Looking at her personality, Jace is therefore much better suited for her!

And yes, I realise Marc was her fist love and many other firsts. That is why she will always love him in some way and he will always be special to her. But in her new position in life, she will need someone new and different. Someone like Jace :). I felt like she was just running back to Marc because he was part of her old life, her comfortable past and she couldn't let that go. Accepting all that had happened meant letting go of Marc as well. Because he really hurt her, he left her over and over again (physically and emotionally) which showed he could live without her. So the entire premise of they not being able to live without each other and therefore ending up together is just wrong. She needs something new and she needs Jace. He can always lighten the mood and make her laugh and cheer her up. While there was only one moment (at the end of the first book) where Marc and Faythe where actually happy together, the rest of the time they make each other miserable.

i've read all the books, and i still cant believe she did that, it has caused such strife throughout all the books

I always liked Jace better than Marc and I was really happy when they got together. Unfortunately, the way Faythe handled the situation in the subsequent books just disgusted me. I even felt sorry for Marc. They should have just dumped her sorry ass.

That was an accident waiting to happen...there was such a strong attraction between the 2 of just took the grief and the booz to give it a push off the cliff.
Just another way for RV to twist our emotions to pieces!

I like Jace and think he's funny but i prefer Marc

is it bad i was kinda happy that jace and her got together i mean finally i wish it were in a better way but i love jace he is my favorite i mean i love everything about his charcter i love marc to though not in the same way as jace because i dont find marc as fun but he isnt supposed to be with as much as he has to do with all his responsibiltys so i really dont know i liked that they got together but i didnt hmm? anyone else feel the same way

As much as I loved the series, I was never a big fan of Faythe's (don't think I've ever had such a love-hate relationship with a heroine before). Yes, she grew up in the end, but her selfishness was a constant and irritating factor throughout. And yes, getting together with Jace was a mistake but her handling of the situation with Marc just made it that much more painful for everyone. It was obvious who her "I can't live without you" love was from her every meltdown whenever he left the room. It bothered me that it took her so long to wake up/grow up and acknowledge that there was always only one person who had her heart.

I think she was just so upset over Ethan and worried about Marc and everything else. Then u add tequila (and dont get all self righteous about that not being an excuse, cause u know better. it doesnt make it right but it can make things happen) and there u go. I feel bad though, one mistake ruins everything

omg i hated it i was just screaming no!!!! Y U SO STUPID!!!! I LOVE Marc

She seems to confuse the different types of love. The "I like you and think you are hot" love is not the same as the "I can't live without you" love.

It is a hard lesson she has to learn.

Johnna Self control is often lost to grief and/or tequila and desperation
Aug 18, 2011 08:02PM
M. She only lost control because there was already something going on between Faythe and Jace. It seemed that Faythe only needed some liquor courage. The ...more
Sep 25, 2011 06:01PM

I was very mad at her for multiple novels because of this.

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