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~Tyler (Tyler, Return to Tyler, Hometown Reunion, other) - various authors

Summary: this is a bunch of books/series centered around the small town of Tyler

Welcome to Tyler
#1 Nancy Martin - Whirlwind (Mar-1992)
#2 Pat Warren - Bright Hopes (Apr-1992)
#3 Carla Neggers - Wisconsin Wedding (May-1992)
#4 Nancy Martin - Monkey Wrench (Jun-1992)
#5 Suzanne Ellison - Blazing Star (Jul-1992)
#6 Pat Warren - Sunshine (Aug-1992)
#7 Suzanne Ellison - Arrowpoint (Sep-1992)
#8 Ginger Chambers - Bachelor's Puzzle (Oct-1992)
#9 Muriel Jensen - Milky Way (Nov-1992)
#10 Marisa Carroll - Crossroads (Dec-1992)
#11 Ginger Chambers - Courthouse Steps (Jan-1993)
#12 Marisa Carroll - Loveknot (Feb-1993)

Hometown Reunion
#1 Marisa Carroll - Unexpected Son (Sep-1996)
#2 Helen Conrad - The Reluctant Daddy (Oct-1996)
#3 Peg Sutherland - Love and War (Nov-1996)
#4 Vicki Lewis Thompson - Hero in Disguise (Dec-1996)
#5 Helen Conrad - Those Baby Blues (Jan-1997)
#6 Ginger Chambers - Daddy Next Door (Feb-1997)
#7 Kristine Rolofson - A Touch of Texas (Mar-1997)
#8 Pamela Bauer - Fancy's Baby (Apr-1997)
#9 Muriel Jensen - Undercover Mom (May-1997)
#10 Ginger Chambers - Puppy Love (Jun-1997)
#11 Muriel Jensen - Hot Pursuit (Jul-1997)
#12 Marisa Carroll - Mission: Children (Aug-1997)

More Tyler Books
Jule McBride - Secret Baby Spencer (Nov-2000)
Judy Christenberry - Patchwork Family (Dec-2000)
Heather MacAllister, Jacqueline Diamond, Kristine Rolofson - Tyler Brides (Jan-2001)
Darlene Scalera - Prescription for Seduction (Feb-2001)
Linda Randall Wisdom - Bride of Dreams (Mar-2001)
Jillian Hart - Night Hawk's Bride (Apr-2001)
Judith Stacy - The Nanny (May-2001)


Whirlwind (Welcome to Tyler #1) by Nancy Martin Bright Hopes (Welcome to Tyler #2) by Pat Warren Wisconsin Wedding (Welcome to Tyler #3) by Carla Neggers Monkey Wrench (Welcome to Tyler #4) by Nancy Martin Blazing Star (Welcome to Tyler #5) by Suzanne Ellison Sunshine (Welcome to Tyler #6) by Pat Warren Arrowpoint (Welcome to Tyler #7) by Suzanne Ellison Bachelor's Puzzle (Welcome to Tyler #8) by Ginger Chambers Milky Way (Welcome to Tyler #9) by Muriel Jensen Crossroads (Welcome to Tyler #10) by Marisa Carroll Courthouse Steps (Welcome to Tyler #11) by Ginger Chambers Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler #12) by Marisa Carroll

Unexpected Son (Hometown Reunion 1) by Marisa Carroll The Reluctant Daddy (Hometown Reunion 2) by Helen Conrad Love and War (Hometown Reunion 3) by Peg Sutherland Hero In Disguise (Hometown Reunion 4) by Vicki Lewis Thompson Those Baby Blues (Hometown Reunion 5) by Helen Conrad Daddy Next Door (Hometown Reunion 6) by Gingers Chambers A Touch Of Texas (Hometown Reunion 7) by Kristine Rolofson Fancy's Baby (Hometown Reunion 8) by Pamela Bauer Undercover Mom (Hometown Reunion 9) by Muriel Jensen Puppy Love (Hometown Reunion 10) by Ginger Chambers Hot Pursuit (Hometown Reunion 11) by Muriel Jensen Mission Children (Hometown Reunion 12) by Marisa Carroll

Secret Baby Spencer (Return to Tyler) (Harlequin American Romance #849) by Jule McBride Patchwork Family (Return To Tyler) (Harlequin American Romance #853) by Judy Christenberry Tyler Brides (Return to Tyler) by Kristine Rolofson Prescription For Seduction (Return To Tyler) (Harlequin American Romance #861) by Darlene Scalera Bride Of Dreams (Return To Tyler) (Harlequin American Romance #865) by Linda Randall Wisdom Night Hawk's Bride (Return to Tyler) (Harlequin Historical Series #558) by Jillian Hart The Nanny (Return to Tyler) (Harlequin Historical #561) by Judith Stacy

message 2: by Tammy (new)

Tammy | 16 comments I just posted a few of the "Tyler" books on Paperback Swap if anyone is interested in them.

message 3: by Debbie (new)

Debbie (halfpint66) | 38 comments I have the Welcome To Tyler series but haven't read it yet. I've had it for a few years too.

message 4: by Carolyn F. (new)

Carolyn F. I have book #1, but haven't read it either.

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Lizz | 43 comments Is this a sereis you have to read in order?

message 6: by Emily (last edited May 16, 2011 01:24PM) (new)

Emily (esanderson) | 1 comments Yes, absolutely read them in order. The progression of the mystery that links them is very apparent. At least for the first set of 12. I am on book 11 right now.

message 7: by Denise (new)

Denise Prevost | 1 comments If anyone is done with the series and is willing to part with them I am willing to take them off your hands, I would love to read the rest of this series but can't seem to find them anywhere...Please let me know if you can part with email is


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