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message 1: by David (new)

David English HELLO..going to interview preston and child soon..just got COLD VENGEANCE...let me know what you would want to know, what you would ask them on here or email me at interviewa air on WWW.DAVIDSBOOKTALK.COM

Cher I went to your site to catch the interview with Preston & Child and could not find it. Could you give me snippet?

Becky Not fair, he got Cold Vengeance almost a month before it was published. I had to wait.

Barbara Ask them who would play Pendergast in a movie, and which Pendergast book they'd most like to see filmed. Please?

Loved 'Cold Vengeance.'

Becky Relic was turned into a movie... And they completely removed the Pendergast character from it.

Barbara I know; that really annoyed me. Still, it was a decent popcorn flick.

Becky Cabinet of Curiosities or Still Life with Crows would both make excellent movies because they are completely stand alone books. If they intended on the Diogenes trilogy, skip Brimstone (or leave Diogenes out) and begin with Dance of Death. Fever Dream would also make an excellent movie.

If Pendergast does make it to the silver screen I hope they use fresh or lesser known actor. I'd hate to see my favorite protagonist ruined by using some pompous famous person.

Barbara Wheel of Darkness would also make a decent thriller movie.

message 9: by Kaye (new) - added it

Kaye Norris I'd like for Helen to get a super-duper, psycho killing, bionic hand. Maybe with her beautiful wedding ring fused to it.

Ninamarie in my mind Kyle MacLachlan has always been the right Agent Pendergast

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