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message 1: by dely (new)

dely | 340 comments Yesterday I have watched this movie and it is very touching. Based on a true story it talks about a literature professor (Evgenia Ginzburg) who was sent to a gulag during Stalin's reign.

For the ones who are interested there are also the books on which the movie was based: Journey into the Whirlwind and Within the Whirlwind by Evgenia Ginzburg.

During the movie Emily Watson, who is the title character, often recites a poem who, in my opinion, is wonderful but I am not able to understand of whom it is (I presume Pushkin) and the title of this poem.
Can somebody of you help me?
The poem begins in this way:

Somebody gave me this body
but what do I do with it.
It is a very remarkable body...(here I don't understand what she says)
I am alive and I breath
I am strong and tall.
Can somebody tell me
who to thanks for this all?
I am the gardener and the flower too
and in this prisoner of the world I am not alone.

I hope to have understood good the words of this poem. Thanks if somebody can help me!

message 2: by dely (new)

dely | 340 comments I was able to find it!

It is this one:
Somebody gave me this body; what do I do with it now?
It's a very remarkable body, and nobody's body but mine.

I'm alive and I breathe, I'm strong and tall
Won't somebody tell me who to thank for it all?

I'm the gardener and the flower, too
And in this prison of a world I'm not alone.

When I move, when I breathe, I leave my mark
On the everlasting window pane that keeps out the dark.

It's the mark of myself! And that mark will remain
On the cold transparence of that window pane.

Life beyond the glass may darken, day to day
But my mark on that window pane will never go away.

by Osip Mandel'štam.

I think it is really wonderful though I am not a big poetry fan.

message 3: by Amalie (new)

Amalie  | 650 comments Mod
dely wrote: "I was able to find it!

Glad you did! It didn't sound like Pushkin.

It looks good. I might try it if I would find it. Is "Within the Whirlwind" an autobiography right?

message 4: by dely (new)

dely | 340 comments Amalie wrote: "dely wrote: "I was able to find it!

Glad you did! It didn't sound like Pushkin.

It looks good. I might try it if I would find it. Is "Within the Whirlwind" an autobiography right?"

Yes, it is the autobiography of Evgenia Ginzburg.

message 5: by Mary (new)

Mary | 26 comments I read the book Journey Into the Whirlwind and really enjoyed it. I'll have to look to watch the film.

message 6: by Amalie (last edited Sep 25, 2011 04:52AM) (new)

Amalie  | 650 comments Mod
I just saw the German trailer of Within the Whirlwind. I'd love to find the DVD. For anyone who's interested, here you go.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh that looks nice.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

I agree, looks good. I just read Within the Whirlwind a few weeks ago, but I did not read the first book, Journey into the whirlwind. It looks like the movie covers both books.

MountainAshleah (mountainshelby) I absolutely love the book--so very inspiring. In fact, I was thinking (as I shoveled a tremendous amount of snow today) that if anyone can survive 18 years in the Gulag . . . shut up and keep shoveling! I did not know about the film versions. Thank you.

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