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 Shellbelle  | 1168 comments Mod
We will be adding Challenges very soon! If you have any suggestions for a challenge please post it here in this thread!

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oh no... not another challenge to add to my list. LOL

 Shellbelle  | 1168 comments Mod
Hahaha! I promise I will make at least one really easy! ;)

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Tegan (therowdylibrarian) These challenges are taking over my life! haha. I want to do them all!

 Shellbelle  | 1168 comments Mod
The good thing is that you can use the same books through out the challenges!lol

So I'm doing a Fool's Gold Challenge, to celebrate the new release on tues, and I think I got that one under control. But I'm having a hard time with my 'strictly Susan' challenge. I want to make it have easy, med, hard levels, and you can only use Susan books...any ideas? I have a couple but I'm not in love with them! HELP:D

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Lindy (lindylee) | 7 comments There are the challenges offered mostly by A Novel Challenge a yahoo group that will be closing at the end of the year. I haven't added 2011 challenges yet

1 st in a Series
Read 100 books
144 Books in 2010
451 Challenge
A to Z Challenge
Alice in Wonderland Challenge
American Civil War Reading Challenge
Art History Reading Challenge
Audio Book Challenge
Awesome Author Challenge!
Biblical Fiction Challenge
Books to Read Before I Die Challenge
Book Awards IV Challenge
Buy One Book and Read It
Celebrate the Author Challenge
Centuries Reading Challenge
Chill Baby, Chill
Children's Classics Mystery Challenge
Chunkster Challenge 2010
Colorful Reading Challenge
Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge
Christy Awards Challenge
Countdown Challenge
Crime, Thriller & Mystery
Cybils Award Challenge
Darling Daughters Reading Challengellenge
Decades Challenge
E-Book Challeng
Erotica Romance
Every Month is a Holiday
Fall/Winter Mystery
Fantasy Reading Challenge
Finish That Series
Fire & Ice Historical Fiction Challenge
Flashback Challenge!! 37
Four Month Challenge, Part Two
French Revolution Mini-Challenge
GLBT Authors
Genre Book Challenge
Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge
Second Challenge
Global Reading Challenge
Historical Fiction Challenge
Harlequin/Silhouette Romance Reading Challenge
Horns and Halos Reading Challenge
International Year of Biodiversity!
James Patterson Reading Challenge
Lucy Maud Montgomery Reading Challenge
Medical Mystery Madness Challenge
Mixology Book Challenge'
Nancy Drew Challenge
New Author Challenge
Numbers Challenge
Ollie Ollie In For Free Challenge
Once Upon A Time: Reading Challenge
Pages Read Challenge 58
Paranormal TBR Challenge
Pub Challenge
Rainbow Connection Challenge
Raved Reads
RYOB - Read Your Own Books Challenge
Read the Book, See the Movie Challenge
Reading From My Shelves Project
Revisit Your Childhood Favorites Challenge
Reading through the Seasons
Relic Novels Challenge
Romance Reading Challenge
Romance Reading Challenge
Royals Romance Reading Challenge
Science Reading Challenge
Second Challenge
Series Challenge Season 4
Short Story Reading Challenge
Social Justice Challenge
Speculative Fiction Reading Challenge
Support Your Library
Support Your Local Author Challenge
TBR Lite
Take Another Chance Challenge
TAKE THE JOURNEY 2010 Reading Challenge
ThemeQuest Reading Challenge
There's No Other Love Like a Wife or Mother
Third Time Is A Charm Challenge
Thriller & Suspense Challenge
Time Travel Reading Challenge
A Tournament of Reading
Tudor Book Challenge
TwentyTen Reading Challenge 90
Typically British Reading
Vampire Series Challenge
We Didn't Start the Fire Challenge
What's in a Name Challenge
What's In a Title
Wish I'd Read That Challenge
Winter Words Reading Challenge
Women's Murder Club Reading Challenge
World Religion Challenge
Year of the Historical 100
You've Got Mail Reading Challenge
You Set It Paperback Challenge
Young Adult Reading Challenge
Young Readers Reading Challenge

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Lindy (lindylee) | 7 comments I have the other info on many of them, or at least can remember what the odd ones were about

 Shellbelle  | 1168 comments Mod
Lindy, that's great! Some of them are familar to me, but others I have never seen before! I will be asking you some questions on some of them soon☺ Thanks for posting that!

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Michele (mtrybak) | 8 comments The buy one book and read it w

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