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message 1: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Sandberg (ksshadowfax99) | 2 comments Hi all,

I am excited to find a place where I can get book recommendations. I tend to get most of my books from the library. I read a book a day (okay sometimes it takes two days - like on the weekends when the kids and hubby are home). I look forward to enjoying this group to the fullest.


message 2: by Donna (new)

Donna (dfiggz) | 1626 comments Welcome Kelly,

I am fairly new too and have come to the conclusion that TNBBC is extremely addicting. You are gonna love it!!

message 3: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 10095 comments Mod
Kelly, hi and welcome! A book a day? that is really impressive!!!!! Ive been known to pound em out that quick, but not very often.
Two that stick out most in my mind are The Road (didnt even stop to eat dinner, I couldnt put it down) and Gils All Fright Diner (wasnt feeling well, curled up on the couch and tore through it)....

message 4: by Sherry (new)

Sherry Hi Kelly,welcome to the group.Your kitty avi pic is sooo cute!

toria (vikz writes) (victoriavikzwrites) welcome kelly. I too am new. A book a day wow. I roughly one a week. But trying to improve on that. As a writer, I really should try and read more


message 6: by Krista (new)

Krista (findyourshimmy) | 382 comments Hello, Kelly! *waves*

A book a I can sometimes hit that on the weekend, most times those I average about two books a week (depending on the week, outside influences, and the size of the books).

Look out, GR is SO addictive and you'll find your TBR (to be read) list growing like crazy.

message 7: by Donna (new)

Donna (dfiggz) | 1626 comments Ohh I remember when I could read a book a day. I usually can only read on my way to and from work and on occassion at home. I bring my book everywhere so whenever there is a sec I get reading.

It's really hard when you have an infant, a husband, full time and part time work, AND Grad school (whew)

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Welcome to the group Kelly!

message 9: by Kathy (new)

Kathy (bookgoddess1969) Welcome, Kelly! A book a day?!?!?! I am trying so hard for a book a week.....I am very envious!

message 10: by Lisa Julianna (new)

Lisa Julianna (lisajulianna) | 1053 comments Hi Kelly,
I am also new here. I am lucky with all my interuptions if I can get a book in a month. I am trying to improve that. :~)
Good for you for doing a book a day!

message 11: by Kathy (new)

Kathy  (readr4ever) | 510 comments Welcome Kelly. A book a day is most impressive. I have a friend who is also a speedy reader and finishes books off like that. I am a little slower. I look forward to hearing about all the great books you are reading.

message 12: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 21 comments Hi Kelly,
Welcome! I am also kinda new here and have received many book suggestions here aleady that I have tried out and fell in love with. Hope you enjoy it here as much as I do :)

Petra in 4 days may have a bf fingers crossed (petra-x) Hi Kelly. I used to read a book a day, or sometimes more, until I got a bookshop. Now I read maybe three or four a month maximum, but endless book blurbs.

I wish I wasn't a speed reader though, much too expensive since I never liked libraries from the time I could afford to buy books.

message 14: by Laura (new)

Laura (apenandzen) Welcome, Kelly - wow that is impressive! No more worries on the book recommendations - that is one of the best things about GR.

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

Kelly, be welcome between the books addicts!

message 16: by Kellie (new)

Kellie (acountkel) | 992 comments Hey Kelly!
Nice name.

Would love to read a book a day.
That way, it would take only a year to read all of my TBR's!!

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