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Besides the obvious Edward or Jacob which Twilight guy do you like best?

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Gloria okay so i reckon mostly all the guys in twilight are pree hot or cute, but besides from choosing like Team Edward or Team Jacob i would choose Emmett Cullen <3

AlbertaJenn Carlisle. He is a very deep character. A lot of the hidden meanings in the series are because of him and his views on the soul and religion.

Gloria AlbertaJenn wrote: "Carlisle. He is a very deep character. A lot of the hidden meanings in the series are because of him and his views on the soul and religion."

thats true :)

Azhia Jasper <3 He's so amzing & cute them Jasper (: & Seth he's so cute & understanding & mature i love him, Team Seth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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mussolet Agreeing with AlbertaJenn and Gloria on Carlisle.
He's very thoughtful, always worried about his family and I like his relationship with Esme.

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Emmett :) They are all great but Emmett is the best. I love his lighthearted personality as well as his competetivness.

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Genevieve I find Jasper to be the most fact I would rather have had a whole book dedicated to him and what happened to Alice before she met the Cullens, than the huge plot holes and unconvincing story lines Breaking Dawn offered.

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Seth:) hes pretty awesome

Kimi I agree with Genevieve! I absolutely love Jasper. He's interesting and has a great back story. Even though he's young for a vampire, he's awesome. He doesn't want to be crazy although he is tempted to. He's amazing.

Gloria jasper is amazing, and i liked how
his back story is quite interesting and how he
turned things around when he met alice. Jasper is young and has the good looks, im glad he spoke more after twilight

message 11: by Anna (last edited Jul 21, 2011 11:50AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Anna Team Jacob. Because he doesn't go into Bella's bedroom and watch her sleep with his creepy yellow eyes. He is a human being even though he is a werewolf and he looks healthy unlike Edward who needs a major tan and some sunglasses. He has a PERSONALITY. And it's lovable.

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Shay Jasper!!! XD

I think I actually like him better than Edward. Idk why. Also in my mind, Jasper was beautiful! Then I saw the movies and they ruined him...

Hannah Courtade Emmett ((: He's in a good mood the majority of the time, plus Kellan Lutz can do no wrong (;

Olivia EMMETT!!! :)

Daisy sanchez Jasper great character and interesting

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Tina Jasper. I can appreciate (and could really put some good use to) his special vamp power. I too would be interested in reading a whole book focused on his past.

Gloria all vote for EMMETT!!! xD

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Red Jasper!! :D

Torie Pfft, Emmett, Carlisle AND Jasper. I suppose mostly Emmett & Carlisle, though... maybe.

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Lulu Emmett all the way!!!.. Carlisle second.. and Jasper just creeps me

Gloria Emmett always first, carlisle and jasper ... i like both so not sure who comes second

Kirsty Jasper! His character is infused with mystery in regards to his past and the life hes lead, his and alices relationship is a love story in its own right

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Cynthia AlbertaJenn wrote: "Carlisle. He is a very deep character. A lot of the hidden meanings in the series are because of him and his views on the soul and religion."
He is my kind of man too !

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Luz Ruybal Jasper for sure. He has a dark quiet charm to him.

ambiekraftsreads JASPER!!! I just think he is a sweetheart. I feel so sorry for him. It's all so hard for him. Plus I just love a southern gentleman.

Marian I love Edward but to choose from other characters, I guess that'd be Jasper and Carlisle. Jasper cos he's got an interesting past and he's pretty cute. Carlisle, well, for a dad in a movie series he's totally hot.

Darlene Jasper is such an interesting character, I wish we got to see more of him. Same with Riley. I also love Seth!

Gloria I love riley!, I sorta keep picturing him
if he stayed alive, would have made the movie better!

Samantha Coballes i like Emmett Cullen. i think he's sexy. :)

Morgan don't get me wrong i am team edward all the way but if i had to pick someone else it would be emmett then jasper.

iomai I kinda like Jasper Hale! He's so cute! <3 <3 <3

Heather McCorkle You can keep Edward and Jacob, I'll take Emmett!

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Kimi I'll take Edward and Jasper... Someone else can have Jacob and Emmett! =)

Lindis Russell Emmett Cullen all the way. He's not mood or whiny like Ed or Jake. I like my guys to be tall, beefy and a whole lot of fun to be around. I think that would totally Emmett!!!

ambiekraftsreads Chioma wrote: "I kinda like Jasper Hale! He's so cute! <3 <3 <3"

I so agree. Oh yea. And there is just something about him.

Rachel I like emmett cause if that we're real life that would be the kind of guy I would fall for.

Gloria OMG i love Emmett!

Mansi Emmett because he the hottest of all vamps

Jade aka MrsTosh It would have to be Carlisle :)

Julia Well my favorite is Edward but since i cant pick him then...Carlisle. Emmett is the cutest but he reminds me of my best friend,so no.

Halle Emment

Gloria I love everyone who chose Emmett (:

Katharina I am a big Emmett fan and I've never been a team Edward og Jakob, always Emmett.

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Nada Al-Karmi Jasper of course

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Bee Jasper

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Eman i love alice very much :) she is so cute & friendly

Initially i like Edward , but then i become a fan of jacob

he contained bella and manage her pain , and he also human and he was neer bella Although he know that she love another

Sarah Would have to be Carlisle for me - such a tortured soul ;-)

Victoria hmmm...Jasper and Carlisle!!! Esme too!!!

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Beth Cook Charlie! I love that he's completely oblivious to what's going on but he oh so loves his little Bells. He's a cool dad.

Molly Emmett. He's a bad ass.

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