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Why was the book entitled:"I'll Walk Alone"?

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Laurie Smith I finished the book last night and wondered about this. Anyone know?

Amanda Brandt I didn't really think about it while I was reading it. I'm not sure either. Maybe because she was willing to keep battling to prove her innocence whether she had to do it alone or not. That's about all I can come up with.

Carolyn E I don't know either why the book was entitled I'll Walk Alone except that Mary Higgins Clark did point out that she likes to name her books with song titles that she feels are relevant or appropriate.

I think Amanda's comment is probably on point in that the central character seems to be totally alone in battling the consequences of having had her identity stolen. I think that with this kind of crime, someone can completely destroy another person's life with consequences that the victim may spend months or even years trying to overcome.

Laurie Smith Thanks Amanda and Carolyn for clarifying the title that seemed puzzling to me. I understand the title better now. Your last paragraph nailed the rationale.

message 5: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Because. She is willing to walk alone..believe in herself when no one else does...if you have ever been there..you know exactly why the book is titled this way. The majority opinion isn't always correct..I loved this book!

Laurie Smith Nice viewpoint Rebecca! Where I took the title literally, you saw the figurative meaning. Thanks for commenting!

Rose Tormohlen Interesting. I just finished this last night (excellent read) and wondered the same thing!

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