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A new perspective

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Debbie Mcarthur Wonderful book!! Thought it was very well written and kept questioning myself if it was a true story til got to the end where I cried like a lil ol baby!

Debbie Mcarthur Wow I can't believe noone is commenting on this one. I LOVED this book!!

Amanda I thought this book was okay. The message is fine. I felt the book was a bit too preachy.

Jackie  I loved this book, too. I would not be surprised if it were required reading at the workplace or for an entire school. I think if I were to read it again, I would learn some things that I didn't pick up the first time. Great stories about lessons in life; the type you want to pass along to people you care about.

Sandy Smith I thought this was a great book. Life lessons to be learned from this read! I would like to read it again because I am sure there were things I missed the first time around.

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