Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, #3) Eclipse question

what is the difference between Eward and Jacob? what is speacial about both of them?
Tatyana monell Tatyana Jul 14, 2011 04:36PM
Breaking Dawn tell me what the answer is and i will comment back!!!!!!!!

The difference between the two hotties is
Edward's cold and Jacobs Hot!
Team Edward because Jacob doesnt sparkle :P

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Well, id answer this question but i would start ranting on and on how i hate edward. Hes just waaaay too sappy and stiff and boring and... well you get the point. Jacob is better. At least he actually acts like he has a heart.

Jacob is immature, pushy, and emotionally imbalanced. Not saying it's his fault that he's immature... he's young. And his imbalanced because he's a werewolf.

Edward is caring, smart, thinks things through, Romantic, mature, and awesome in so many other ways. He was caught off guard because he didn't know how to handle his feelings for this human girl that he had no reason why he was drawn to. And he never expected her to show feelings towards him in return.

Just my opinion.

Veronica You just said what i wanted to say
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I think the different between them is kind of ironic. Jake grows the most physically during the series, but it is Edward, the one who is frozen in time, who actually grows the most emotionally. He matures great lengths throughout, especially in Eclipse when he overcomes his prejudice of the wolves and is comfortable with Bella being around Jake. He acknowledges his weaknesses and makes changes to behaviour that he knows is wrong.

Jake acts like a big kid up until the end. Even in BD, he tells Charlie about the secrets of weres and vamps to keep Nessie with him. He gives no thought to the danger he put Chalrie and the rest of them in.

Veronica Totally agree
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