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Heather Graham
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Heather Graham/Heather Graham Pozzessere duplicates

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message 1: by Calle (new)

Calle | 13 comments Heather Graham also wrote books as Heather Graham Pozzessere, and I was wondering if they really should be separate listings. Even if they should, there are lots of books published as "Heather Graham" listed under "Heather Graham Pozzessere", resulting in lots of suplicate books (see for example, If Looks Could Kill/If Looks Could Kill)

Should I merge the two author entries, or should I change Heather Graham Pozzessere to Heather Graham on the books in question and then combine the editions (that would be a lot of work)?

message 2: by Gerd (new)

Gerd | 1044 comments Far as I can tell it's always Heather Graham on the cover, where does the Pozzessere come from?
Was that on older Books?

Anyways, I would merge them together into Heather Graham it's not really a writer alias problem just a variation of how the name is written down.

message 3: by Calle (new)

Calle | 13 comments Yes, the full name, including Pozzessere, was used on some books in the past, I believe mostly on romance novels (i.e. Bride Of The Tiger), while as far as I know she doesn't use Pozzessere anymore.

Merging seems to me too to be the best option.

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