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message 1: by Colleen (new)

Colleen | 432 comments Mod
Hi Everyone,

Here you can ask questions to Chris Hackett author of The observer.

The Observer by Chris Hackett

message 2: by Rogier (new)

Rogier (rorocapri) | 13 comments hi cris wat was your inspiration for this book is it a series?

message 3: by Chris (last edited Jul 14, 2011 04:42PM) (new)

Chris Hackett | 5 comments Hi Colleen and everyone else at Angels and Fallen Angels!

First I just want to thank you all for the opportunity to be a part of your group! I'm very excited to be an active member and am looking forward to talking to all of you. I apologize this reply is so late in coming, I have had a lot of my plate at work (where I actually still am as I write this). Also I would like to extend a thanks for placing my book on the group bookshelf. The lists that The Observer has been voted for in is below:

I'm excited to answer all of your questions and I am looking forward to some good ones.

Rogier: I will answer your question as soon as I am home from work: I want to make sure I have time to answer properly =).

Thanks everyone,

Chris Hackett

message 4: by Chris (last edited Jul 14, 2011 04:40PM) (new)

Chris Hackett | 5 comments Hey Rogier!

I'm finally back from work, so I can answer.

I was inspired to write this book by a few things: first, I love humanity's idea of "angels" and some sort of perfect race that lives with God. Specifically, I was inspired by the line "created in our image" in the (Christian) Bible, which got me thinking, who is "our"? That got me thinking of The Observers, an ancient race that created humans and the Earth. They used to interact with us, which is how humans got the idea of "Angels" and religion in general, but they haven't in centuries.

The Observer race in the book is meant to be a commentary on where I see humans going if we continue down certain paths - they are purely scientific and their lack of emotion is present from the first chapter of the book. Since my "day job" is a scientist, I understand full well the implications of a "scientific culture" and I try to get that across through their actions.

The book will be a Trilogy. Book 1, which is the book that Colleen linked to, is the first book and is an introduction to the characters, Gabriel and Alyssa, as well as their first adventure stopping The Fallen, members of The Observer race who continue to interact with humans. The second, titled "The Archon", is my current work-in-progress. It will continue Gabriel's story one year after the events of the first book, and it will have much more action and several twists, as well as a few familiar faces, and a more definitive answer to why, exactly, the Observers created humanity.

Let me know if you have any more questions, Rogier. I'm glad to see you are interested!


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