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Luc or Colin?

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message 1: by Rianne (last edited Jul 13, 2011 07:31PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Rianne At the beginning of this book i was team Luc all the way.. then about halfway through he started to become annoying and i hated him more and more. and then Mo kissed Colin, and i just new that yup, totally switching teems, go Colin! lol what do you guys think?

Patricia’s Book Summaries I was just like you, but although I prefer Colin at the moment, my feelings can still shift to Luc, depending on what Mo does.

Rianne ya i really hope she goes for colin though,, i love him:) haha

Pavan i prefer colin, i dunno though maybe luc will capture my attention later on ;) they are both pretty good though

Veronica I prefer Colin, he's kinda straight forward and he is mature and gives her time to decide whom she wants to be with. Luc is like forcing her in a tempting way to fall in love with him,it also looks like she's second best to Verity.

Ferdy Definitely would be wrong to date her dead best friends boyfriend.. and I can't respect a guy that hits on his dead girlfriends best friend weeks after she died.

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