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message 1: by Julie (new)

Julie Ferguson (juliehferguson) | 4 comments I am trying to correct an ISBN on a second edition of Book Magic: Turning Writers into Published Authors and the system won't let me. It keeps telling me that a book already exists in the system with that ISBN.

The listing with the incorrect ISBN is 9780986640117.

Can you help me please?

message 2: by Beth (new)

Beth (bethjustbeth) | 1586 comments What is the correct isbn?

message 3: by Paula (last edited Jul 13, 2011 04:25PM) (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7029 comments Julie

There are a number of issues with your books:

1) You have added a Kindle edition with the ASIN in the ISBN field. There is already a Kindle edition with the same ASIN added automatically by Amazon. I have deleted your manual entry and updated the other Kindle addition since it is not appropriate to have an ASIN number in the ISBN fields.

I m looking at your others at the moment

Edit: ISBN 9780986640117 does not exist in the GR Database - when you search using it nothing is found, searching on google does not turn up a book with that ISBN - Is it one for a book that has not been published.

Your Second edition paperback has an ISBN of 0973949333 (ISBN13: 9780973949339) which is found ok on Amazon - so I am not sure why you are trying to change it.

You may need to provide more information on what is exactly wrong


message 4: by Beth (new)

Beth (bethjustbeth) | 1586 comments One of them is listed as having two isbn's, too...

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