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message 1: by Jane (new)

Jane | 14 comments I was thinking that Roger may not be able to go back in time even if he intends to: he's trying to get to Jem, but Jem is still in the twentieth century, so based on what we know so far, Roger wouldn't be able to go anywhere and in fact may run into problems of the kind he did the first time he tried to go through (when he thought of his father). Thoughts?

message 2: by JC (new)

JC (jmnc) | 27 comments I think that may be what saves him from the bad guy's plot (can't remember his name at the mo) and keeps him in the present instead of in the past where the meanie wants to send him to get him out of the way. I think if he does attempt it again he may get transported to where Jem is in the tunnel, since there is a ?lay? line inside.

message 3: by Lotte (new)

Lotte | 330 comments Did you read "A leaf on the wind of all hallows" in Songs of Love and Death? I do not want to put a spoiler here, but this story leaves us with many more puzzles!

message 4: by Mary G. (new)

Mary G. (nonometoo) | 319 comments Lotte wrote: "Did you read "A leaf on the wind of all hallows" in Songs of Love and Death? I do not want to put a spoiler here, but this story leaves us with many more puzzles!"

That's true it answers some questions only to raise a few more. But is worth the time to read.

message 5: by Jane (new)

Jane | 14 comments Is there a way to get it without buying the whole other book though?

message 6: by Lotte (new)

Lotte | 330 comments Jane wrote: "Is there a way to get it without buying the whole other book though?"

I'm afraid there is none. It is a shame to buy a book and read just the one story you are interested in. So far I did not read the rest and therefore I wouldn't buy the other one which is being discussed here. I would be very keen to know the part where Jamie explains thet it was him to punish Claire, otherwise Dougal had beaten here ...

message 7: by Carren (new)

Carren Kay | 953 comments It's explained in the The Exile.

message 8: by Lotte (new)

Lotte | 330 comments Carren wrote: "It's explained in the The Exile."

Thank you, Carren. I did not even remember the title of this book and least of all this "explanation"! But of course, you are right: For this graphic novel this would stand for an explanation, but by DG's standards I expected it to go on for pages. I just looked for this scene and again was appalled by the drawings! Starting in the middle of the story it is more difficult to keep the characters apart than going on chronologically. This is is the only book ever I regretted having bought. Jane, compared to The Exile it is worth to spend the money on the complete book and just read this one story!

message 9: by Patty (new)

Patty | 190 comments Jane wrote: "Is there a way to get it without buying the whole other book though?"
I was able to get the book from the Library or go to a book store read that story (does not take that long) most have chairs and places to sit.

message 10: by Jane (new)

Jane | 14 comments Oh, Patty, that's a good idea. I'll have to do that! And I agree about the Exile: it was interesting to get some of the additional tidbits of information, but I did not like the artwork.

message 11: by Lori (new)

Lori (lorimcd) | 657 comments Diana G just did a blog (here at Goodreads and on her web site) that discusses all the short stories, like "A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows". She explains when and where the short stories are available (especially for Kindle), and that she's putting 4 of them together into one book. But if I remember correctly, if you live in the U.S., you can't get that for Kindle yet; you can order the physical book, though, just from the UK Amazon site.

message 12: by Diane (new)

Diane | 1356 comments Terri wrote: "I read it on the site onread.com..you can read books online for free and I just skipped thru the parts I didn't want to read."

I use onread all the time it definitely is a $$$ saver!

message 13: by Lori (new)

Lori (lorimcd) | 657 comments Diane, I looked at onread.com, but the Downloader program costs $79.95/year! That's too expensive just to download free books. Am I missing something? I want to download either an epub or Kindle format. I got Calibre to translate epub and put onto my Kindle, but I didn't want to pay the $$$ for the Downloader.

message 14: by Lori (new)

Lori (lorimcd) | 657 comments OK, that makes more sense. Thanks for the info, Terri. I sit in front of my computer all day at my home office, so I don't like reading my books that way (usually). But I'll check out these sites. Sure is cheaper!

message 15: by Terri (new)

Terri Vaught (terriann14) | 59 comments You are welcome and I still prefer real books..this just helps when I can't afford something or don't really want to own it or read the whole book.

message 16: by Diane (new)

Diane | 1356 comments I liked reading on line because I couldn't afford to buy many of the books I wanted to read. Also if I didn't have the time to go out and buy a book it was instant. I would just use my lap top where ever in the house and it really got me back into reading. Nw since I have an I pad from work that works as good as an e reader. The only down side is you have to have Internet access to read online so I couldn't do it when I was out (like when the kids were playing on the playground) but I love that site. I have used it for about two years now and rarely have a problem.

message 17: by Diane (new)

Diane | 1356 comments There are a lot there but not everything so you might not see every thing you are looking for.

message 18: by Kim (new)

Kim | 19 comments Hello! Just finished A breath of snow and ashes. I was wondering what y'all think about going on to Echo or if I should read the Lord John books first before starting Echo?? Advice???? (:

message 19: by Terri (new)

Terri Vaught (terriann14) | 59 comments Read Lord John first it helps with background on some characters in Echo

message 20: by Brunhilde (new)

Brunhilde | 158 comments I agree. Read Lord John. And in order.

message 21: by Kim (new)

Kim | 19 comments Even the short stories in between?

message 22: by Lori (new)

Lori (lorimcd) | 657 comments If you're interested in the Lord John series, before reading Echo in the Bone, I'd recommend reading at least Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade and Lord John and the Scottish Prisoner. Reason? There are events and characters that occur in those stories that have significance in Echo and in MOBY (book 8), based on DG's daily lines.

But... not being a Lord John fan, I read all the LJ books, including the short stories/novellas (like "Custom of the Army"), and I found myself liking LJ and respecting him. It gave me a better perspective on who he is and what he's about (his motivations, esp. where Jamie is concerned).

So, while I'm not sure that I'm a Lord John "fan", I've changed my mind about him quite a bit after reading the LJ series.

message 23: by KL (new)

KL | 2 comments I think knowing LJ was in love with Jamie made me like him more... at least he's got good taste!

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