A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5) A Dance with Dragons question

Just started reading and want others to share their views...
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I just started to read the fifth installment of Songs of Ice and Fire and wanted to start a place where people could start posting their reactions to this long awaited sequel. What do you think...was it worth the five (?) years wait?

I am really enjoying this book too. But, like Feast I am cranky about reading new characters POV. (I don't like change. ;))

I'm 600 pages in, and I've enjoyed it more than AFOC. These are the POV I like better, and the last hundred pages I've read have been phenominal! I'm speeding thru, and realized this morn I better slow down..I wont have another volume to read for probably another 6 years!

I also just started to read it. But I don't yet if five years was worth the wait. Will have to read some more before I will know. Hopefully George R.R. Martin finishes the series, because it will be a pity if it just stops. And I think the story is probably about halfway now.

I'm enjoying A Dance with Dragons immensely and wonder how long it will be before the 6th one will appear. It's amazing in it's complexity.

Rjsmommy I agree the complexity is amazing but sometimes I wonder how all the subplots will be tied up. He just adds more and more each book while others are l ...more
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Daniel Reyes If you read the foreword by GRRM you'll know that these two books were originally one, therefore it is expected for some of the characters from AFOC n ...more
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I finished the book a couple of days ago. I didn't enjoy it as much as the previous ones, to be honest, even though it was most probably because I read it in English, which is not my mother tongue. I speak English fluently, but MAN that was difficult!
I can't tell if it was worth the wait, because for me it was neither the mind-blowing epicness that I waited for, neither it was bad in any way. It was just awesome to at least have it in my hands and see what happens. Even though, after finishing it, I can't believe that it will take some more years to see what will happen next.
I was surprised by the lack of kill-offs, compared to the other books. I mean people die, for sure (I almost stopped reading after a specific death - well, most probably it was a death, he just finished the chapter there), but I expected that none of the main characters would make it to the end of the book :P At least I was wrong about that.
I hope that from now on Martin will not separate the storylines, it really bothered me to see main characters like Jaime, Arya and Cersei only in the end of the book, and let's not mention the complete absence of Jon, Dany and the Greyjoys in the previous book. It's just annoying and I hope it will stop. And I kinda miss the GoT, CoK and SoS minimalistic-only-first-name chapter titles. But I liked that there were more characters whose viewpoint you could see.
In the end, I will have to admit that I could not see any of the things happening coming. For me everything was so unexpected! And the one thing I was kiiiinda expecting, I didn't want to admit that I was expecting it, yet it happened. If it's true and it does indeed happen (damn you George Martin and your vague, unfinished chapters in the end of the books!) I'm gonna read the rest of the books with great effort. It will be such a disappointment.

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