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James Steele Author's Epic Quest
A Sanctioned Fanfiction Short Story Contest for Charity

Official contest page:

I'm James Steele, author of Felix and the Sacred Thor, and I want the one thing every editor despises. I want fanfiction! Writers shall compose their own fanfiction in the world of Felix and the Sacred Thor!

Epic Steps:

1) It is strongly recommended all persons wishing to enter this contest read Felix and the Sacred Thor (available at Amazon) to get an idea of what kind of story this contest seeks. (Sample chapter)

2) Ask yourself: what more could this world have? What else would Felix encounter on his Epic Quest? What else should the author have written? You wanted it to happen, well now's your chance to make it happen! Take advantage of the elements of this surreal world, or create your own elements that you believe would fit in! Use characters already established, or create some new ones. Add a chapter to Felix's epic quest, or have it take place at another time altogether. Make it as good as possible, or take advantage of the fanfiction genre and make it so bad it's good! Take my world and have fun with it!

3) Your fanfic can be as short as a few paragraphs, or as long as a few pages. In other words: make it "about" as long as a chapter in Felix's story. For those of you who like numbers, the longest chapter in the book is roughly 4,000 words. So, somewhere in the 500 - 4000 word range.

4) Your story must take place in Felix's world, and the world should still be recognizable. Add to it, use what's already there, but don't take away from it.

5) Email your entry to Please include Felix's Epic Quest in the subject line. Attach your fanfic as a Word-readable document (rtf, doc), and include author name and contact info at the top of the story document. Cover letters in the email are not required, but they won’t hurt either. Remember I'm only one man, so one entry per person. Just like in real life, you only get one shot at being a hero, so make it count!

The contest runs from July 15 through August 31, 2011. Any entries received on or after September 1 will not be considered.

I will donate my author's royalties for sales of Felix and the Sacred Thor during the months of July and August to the author who writes the winning Felix fanfic. The more people who buy the book and enter the contest, the greater the prize money! As a bonus, the winning story will also be published on the internet!

Good luck, hero!

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Very cool!!

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