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message 1: by Mairéad (new)

Mairéad | 4 comments So the show was on t.v when I was a kid but for the most part I wasn't allowed to watch it (too violent apparently! :P) but funnily enough my Dad introduced me to 'Charmed' and 'Xena The Warrior Princess', which I found to be equally violent and sexual and filled with demons and what not!


I've seen these Buffy and Charmed books around for years, they're little pocket books based on the series. I picked up a Buffy one the other day called 'Blooded' at a second hand bookshop. I'm surprised at how good it seems! I haven't read much yet but I assumed that they would be poorly written compared to other novels of the same genre because they don't have to try as hard, because they're not creating the characters from scratch and have the success of the t.v show to draw in potential readers!

so yes just a few quick question about the series:

-can I jump in anywhere, I have the 5th book, would it be a better idea to read the books that came before this book?

-on a scale of 1 to 10 how well are they written, I mean are they written like The Princess Diaries series or the Olsen twins books? :/
I'm not that picky (and I know that they're not intended to be become literary classics) but from the first page I've read I saw that Buffy described the vampire as 'badly-in-need-of-Weight-Watchers' ....seems a bit juvenile! The rest is fine!

So are they worth it? I'm 19 by the way! Haha but I love vampires! I hate Twilight type vampire books though!!

message 2: by Marla (new)

 Marla | 158 comments I love vampires, but I like well written books and interesting characters. I do love Twilight, but I'm a sucker for a love story and interesting characters.

I love the Buffy TV series (more than Angel). I've read a few of the books and I liked them. The characters are clever and sassy and the writing is decent. I actually don't like Princess Diaries books and prefer Cabot's Medium and 1-800-WHERE-R-You series better. I think the Buffy books would be comparable to Medium and 1-800-WHERE-R-You series.

I am a stickler about reading a series in order and some of the books are based on the series episodes and are best read in order. But I think some are more stand-alone. Also, the books are written by different authors, so I liked the Christopher Golden books that I read, but I can't speak for the other authors. But if you like them, there are 65 books currently in the series.

Buffy is more action, but there is the love story and the drama like Twilight. You didn't say what you didn't like about Twilight, so I hope this helps.

message 3: by Tracey (new)

Tracey (stewartry) I haven't read the books - but the Season 8 comics are terrific. (And Twilight is the name of the Big Bad, which is just perfect.)

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