Twilight > where can i find websites that tell me about Twilight cast meet and greets?

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message 1: by Tanecia (new)

Tanecia  (books101) im trying to find some websites where i will be able to get information about breaking dawn meet and geets dates and cool things like that. so if you guys have any sites please please tell me i would really appreciate it!!!!!!! Thanks bunch!!

message 2: by Natalie Wilson (new)

Natalie Wilson Wilson (NatalieWilson) | 2 comments The Twilight Lexicon is pretty comprehensive in this regard.

message 3: by Wishful Reader (new)

Wishful Reader | 72 comments Twilight Guide,theyll send you stuff like pics and everything! :)

message 4: by Shwetika (new)

Shwetika | 73 comments cool

message 5: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Mackler-Paternostro (ashmp) | 1 comments Creation Entertainment does a Twilight Con. I went to the Chicago 2010 one and absolutely LOVED it. Members of the cast do attend--when I went it was Peter F. Bronson, Kawani (sp?), Nikki, and Michael Welch and I think Boo Boo was there as well. Each city varies on who is in attendance and on what particular days.

You can buy autographies, bid in auctions, and there are vendors galore.

It's worth the day--or weekend--to dive into the Twilight universe for sure.

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