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Theaftermath | 51 comments I've got a lot of stories, I'll admit it. I like to get feedback on them when I can, but some of them either become oneshots/short-stories (when they were originally supposed to be full-length stories) or I simply stop working on them and they fade into oblivion without any forewarning. Well, the first link here leads to a oneshot of mine that I posted up here:

It's a fic based off the horror game, "Fatal Frame II."

Now, the other thing I've posted up here, on the contrary:

Is a slowly growing collection of stories that just didn't get past their toddler stages, or chapters/prologues/what-have-you that never got to be looked upon by any other readers. Well, now they can be, since I decided to just put them into a big mess of a collection.

Tell me what you think so far...please?

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Theaftermath | 51 comments Ingrid wrote: "Okay!"

Yay, thanks! ^_^

Three Choices was kind of recent, but all of those test preludes/chapters for Jackal are so very old..

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