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Book Hunting / Recommendations > Has anyone here read 'Conjure Me' by Jack Curtis?

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message 1: by Mairéad (new)

Mairéad | 12 comments I came across this book in a used book store and it seems interesting but I can't find any reviews on it. I don't know anybody who read the book. Nobody has reviewed it on Goodreads. It has only 2 ratings on this site, a 4 star and a 3 star.

I've Googled it but can find no reviews, not even on Amazon. It's not in any of my local libraries.

This is the link to it on Amazon (the Goodreads version doesn't show the cover!)

So yeah I'm basically wondering if it's worth the buy as I'm pretty low on cash at the moment so I can't afford to just buy it and find out!!

This is the Amazon description of the novel:

'One by one a group of friends are summoned to a remote Cornish village to meet the enigmatic Zeno, a magician. The meetings begin with magic and end in death, all watched with cruel detachment by the scheming, manipulative Wallace Ellwood, a man whose delight in pain seems limitless'

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Hayes (hayes13) | 2060 comments Mod
Hi Mairead, I moved this to a more appropriate place.

message 3: by aprilla (new)

aprilla Never heard of it... the reviews seem pretty OK but it still would be a chance.
I'd look at the books the few GR readers who didn't like it did like, see how I feel about that and then I'd go back to the store and read bits from it to see if the writing style suited me, then I'd decide. Personally if I liked the writing style I'd go for it if the price is right.

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