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Finding U-Who

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Dadonthego This is a great book that goes into detail on wreak diving in the Atlantic. It follows two divers as they work to discover the identity of a German World War Two submarine found just off the coast of New Jersey. With no distinguishing marks on the outside they must dig into this mystery sub to find out how it ended up where no German sub was known to exist.

Diane S ☔ This is one of my favorite non-fiction book. They did it at our local library for a book discussion and everyone loved it. We had a great discussion. They also had a PBS special with Chaterton and Kohler. Persistent men, interesting real life characters and a great mystgery to boot.

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Dadonthego I would like to see the PBS special sometime. Now I'm reading the book about them looking for new clues to how Titanic sank.

April I loved The Shadow Divers and Titanic's Last Secrets was also good. I would love to see the PBS special about how long go was it on? wondering if the would have it on Netflixs ?

Bill I'll check Netflix tonight to see if the PBS special is available. This was a great book on many levels.

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