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BBK (bbkbhl) | 59 comments Mod
If you write and willing to let us read we are waiting here. You can post in any language ( Nepali or English is preferred).
This folder will be dedicated to the writings from Goodreads Nepal.


message 2: by Bob (new)

Bob Frank | 12 comments Bibek and hopefully my new friends in Nepal,

I just published a 106K word ebook novel called "Through the Third Eye" and want to offer it to all of you free. This is because Nepal played an important part in the plot and the third/fourth main characters were from Kathmandu.

All I ask is that you review it, give me feedback and perhaps you could post some reviews if you feel others may want to read it.

You can read the summary on both Amazon and Smashwords. I will provide the free coupon code to Smashwords for which they have any format you might want.

If enough of you read it, we can have a discussion on how accurate I portrayed Nepal and the characters; the possible organizations that were involved on BOTH sides of the conflict; and what you might want to see in the next 2 books.

This is Book 1 of a Trilogy and as I am working on Book 2, now. I may want Nepal and "Pema Lingpa" to play a larger part. The main characters NEED her help! :-)

There were three other Buddhist monks from Nepal but were in Tibet. NO MORE... I don't want to spoil your reading.

Right now, you can get the Smashwords coupon code from my website (on top left side). If it expires before you download, check it again for a new code or simply send me an email and I will send you a new free code.

I look forward to your feedback and visiting Nepal one day before long. The book describes a place outside of Kathmandu (fictitious) that you will have to help me find... ;-)

Lynn Boston
lynn at lynnbostonbooks dot com

message 3: by BBK (new)

BBK (bbkbhl) | 59 comments Mod
I would like to thank and congratulate you for sharing your book on this group .(Hope you will forgive the late post).
I have not yet read your book, but planning to read soon and surely will comment.

With Regards,

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Rajit Ojha (rajitojha) | 4 comments Hi guys you can visit my blog for my stories

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