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BBK (bbkbhl) | 59 comments Mod
Why we should go after the Tatsam Sanskrit, let's say in our Jharro Nepali
गज्जबको नेपाली पढाई = Goodreads Nepal.
I guess उत्तम पठन is also a possible translation.
Nice thread Ujjwol.

message 2: by BBK (last edited Jul 11, 2011 04:03AM) (new)

BBK (bbkbhl) | 59 comments Mod
सुपठन् नेपाल= Goodreads Nepal
I m totally agreed with this translation.
It's short,easy to pronounce, catchy and carries Goodreads totally.



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Goodreads Nepal (सुपठन् नेपाल)

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