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Jackie (bookaphile) | 34 comments A Feast for Crows. Book 4 of A Song of Fire and Ice. George R R Martin

It's hard to see how a book as powerful and interesting as this can also be described as a bit of a non event.... but it really is.
While I still enjoyed the book I found myself looking for the characters I have come to know and love in the preceding books in this series. And they just aren't there, where is Daenerys, Stannis, Bran and most of all Tyrian. Alright, he is there until about halfway through and then he just vanishes, pouf!
It seems that Mr Martin has spent so much time developing the minor threads of the story that he had no time for the rest. Unless he got bored with them, in which case might I just say to the author "Please bring them back in the next book, I miss them"
I did quite like how Arya continues to grow, but another favourite character Brienne just seemed to be running on the spot.
Well, that's not quite right, she spent the book wandering all around Westeros, trying to fulfil her promise to Catelyn Stark, but she was getting absolutely nowhere and it was painful to read about.
And speaking of painful, yes, I know that the times were hard and occasionally brutal, but please Mr Martin, stop ripping peoples nipples off!, it's happening so often now that while it was shocking at first it has become quite humdrum. (Not much happening in King's landing? better have someones nipples cut off, see if that will wake the readers up!)
In conclusion; while this is in my opinion it is the least interesting book in the series, it is still worth reading.The is a hint of mystery attached to the very last line and there are a couple of good cliffhangers to be resolved. But I'm certainly hoping for more in the next installment which should be dropping through my post box in about 4 days time.

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Anagha Uppal Great review!

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