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Dani Smith (daniquickdraw) | 30 comments Thought it might be good to also have a place for authors to list their upcoming books and readers to suggest books that they have newly discovered.

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Shira Anthony (shiraanthony) | 6 comments My first Dreamspinner Press novella, "The Dream of a Thousand Nights" The Dream of a Thousand Nights by Shira Anthony is scheduled for release on September 26th.

Summary: A homoerotic romance in the style of an "Arabian Nights" fairy tale. In ancient times, the immortal Jinn lived only to satisfy the desires of humans, granting wishes and fulfilling their sexual needs.

Tamir, a Jinn, had long loved Prince Neriah from afar. Tamir had once saved the prince’s life when he and Neriah were just boys, but was stripped of his powers by the other Jinn as punishment for falling in love with a human. Ten years later, Neriah has no memory of Tamir and lives as an outlaw, on the run from the King’s assassins. Still, Neriah dreams each night of a lover whose face he cannot see and whose name he does not know, but who fills his empty heart with peace and happiness.

Freed at last from his incarceration, Tamir seeks to help Neriah re-take the Kingdom of Tazier from Neriah's ruthless father, but finds that the once-gentle prince’s heart now beats only for revenge. How can Tamir help Neriah without his magic? And how can a powerless Jinn hope to save the embittered prince’s heart?

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Dani Smith (daniquickdraw) | 30 comments I will be releasing the first book for my own micro-press imprint with my business partner, Rebel Rose Publishing, LLC. Titled Demon's Slave Demon's Slave by Danielle D. Smith , the official release of this sordid BDSM tale will be in October.

The blurb:

Rose, Nephil daughter of a Warrior of Heaven, has betrayed her celestial heritage by falling for the guy from the wrong side of the tracks: Skriker, tattooed half-demon hunter, and the most irresistible chunk of hard meat that she has ever taken to her bed.

Rose knows that there is no love in all of Creation more forbidden than that between an angel and a demon, and that knowledge has left her terribly fragmented, despite her passionate love for her Halfling bad boy.

As Skriker's "Dirty 30" approaches, she will offer him the ultimate birthday gift: she will be his devoted sexual slave for three days and three nights, laying aside her angelic pride to fully commit to his pleasure (and hers) with every part of her being...and neither Heaven nor Hell will have any power to stop it.

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