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Science > Diver Snaps First Photo of Fish Using Tools

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While exploring Australia's Great Barrier Reef, professional diver Scott Gardner heard an odd cracking sound and swam over to investigate. What he found was a footlong blackspot tuskfish (Choerodon schoenleinii) holding a clam in its mouth and whacking it against a rock. Soon the shell gave way, and the fish gobbled up the bivalve, spat out the shell fragments, and swam off. Fortunately, Gardner had a camera handy and snapped what seem to be the first photographs of a wild fish using a tool.

More here:

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Cora Judd (corajudd) | 163 comments One more species to add to the 'Inedible Because They May be Sentient' list!

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Jimmy When carrots start using hammers, we'll all starve to death.

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Melki | 211 comments Wow - now that's intelligent design!

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Duntay | 11 comments Maybe fish have decided to start the evolution thing all over again.

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