Tempted (House of Night, #6) Tempted question

How long is P. C. Cast planning to milk the House of Night series??
Micaela Davison Micaela Jul 09, 2011 09:58AM
I'm on tempted now and still hating Zoey but really want to know how it ends. On here it lists up to eleven books and thats about to make me drop the series all together but if theres going to be more I may kill myself :'(

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I've read all of them so far, and yeah even through they keep coming out with the surprise endings and twists, i still find in every single book the same sort of thing going on... its ALL ABOUT ZOEY! Christ, i used to have respect for this girl and now... well.. its gone. I like steavie Rae the most, she's pure. i Heard their stretching the books to 12 books... SOD That!! The fact that the enemy has been in that series for ten books already, and has not been killed, is a sign that their milking it. Zoey and her boyfriends dont even go there... she is a F()@*$()$@)( S *(£)(%*** for sure. And recently her and stark are just boring now... they spent so long sorting her love life out, i much prefer the story of steavie rae and her man. Much better. Still there's always something at the end of each book that keeps me reading the next... i think they are running out of ideas here, if the 11th is bad, i wont be reading the last one... but then again i have been saying this since... the 6th? We all have been complaining, and yet we still want to read... Cant win either way.

I'm on 6 now and it really is already like torture to me. I almost always finish a series once I start but I am thinking of abandoning this one. I'm not sure why Nyx chose Zoey... she really never seems to have a clue. The love triangle is dumb. Heath is an idiot that she wasn't really into when the series started... why drag him along? Zoey and Eric seem to constantly argue and bicker so what's the draw there? Stark was just introduced and hopefully he can bring the romance portion of this book back to life. Another thing that bugs me is all they ever really seem to do to solve their problems in form a circle with the elements. It would be great if that changed from time to time. It certainly has gotten to be a tired plot device for me. I won't say that it hasn't been interesting at times. I never would have made it this far if it was all bad. The storylines keep me reading... and I still don't know what Stevie Rae is hiding from Zoey so that alone will drive me crazy.

This series I believe has gone on way to long. I read the most recent book but I sat on it for a while. I think they just need to end it. Zoey is annoying she just needs to make up her mind and land with stark that or just be killed off. Its too much teenage drama love triangle I hate you you hate me bullshit.

I think it should have truly ended when stark saved her and stark should have killed kalona. The end.

I don't even know if I will read the rest. If I do it will not be right away.

Ugh. This series is way TOO LONG, P.C and Kristin are dragging out the series SOOO much that all the awesome-ness that was in the first few books is slowly fading.
The last few books have been not great, I don't even know if I'm going to read the next. Sad as it is for me to say, but the series better end soon.

Micaela wrote: "I'm on tempted now and still hating Zoey but really want to know how it ends. On here it lists up to eleven books and thats about to make me drop the series all together but if theres going to be m..."

LOL! What you said was totally true. I also just wanna know how it ends... I finished Awakened and I dont know what others think but in my opinion the books got worse.

I'm hoping the reason for the next 3 books will be to finally get past and defeat Neferet and then to show Zoey actually MATURING and taking on her High Priestess role at the House of Night. It would be cool if the author(s) actually dedicate at least one book to Zoey after Neferet is defeated and one book dedicated to Stevie Rae.
I have to admit Stevie Rae actually bugged me in the first few books, but in the last 2 books she really has become more interesting and i'm actually intrigued to actually learn more and hear more about her :)

But I do agree, the series really has been dragged out far too long. I mean some of these books could have been combined. I hate it when a book is 200 pages or less, I mean come on what was the point of it besides more money in the authors pocket?

All in all I do enjoy this series and will read until the end! The first few were exciting, then the middle books became slow and annoying, but the last 2 books have actually been pretty good and I am actually pretty excited for this next book!

I think it is 12 plus at least 2 if not more novellas of supporting characters. I don't even read them for Zoey anymore, just for Aphrodite, Stark, and Darius.

deleted user Me too!
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Two words: TOO LONG!
At first I loved the series, I was so hooked up with it.
When I first read Marked, and read Zoey was going to go to the House of Night, I thought something like Harry Potter, meaning each book would've meant a year.
Then I finished Marked and was like 'Okay, she's going a little bit slower, but it'll work i guess.'
But when at the eight book we still were in JANUARY, and she had entered the school in OCTOBER, i kind of got a little bored. -.-'
Plus there's some books that even describe only a day.
And I'm getting tired of the whole Neferet/Kalona and Zoey/Bunch of hormoned guys ready to fight for the s**t crap.
I mean, is there ever going to be an end to this?
In eight book P.C. Cast described what could've been said in, say, ONE BOOK. Two max.
And all these 'Fledgling handbook', the book about the professor? I'm getting the feeling, and I don't like it, that this writer is doing it not much to give her fans something to be pleased to read, but to gain something [money, fame, i don't know] from this neverending series that I think is boring us all.
So please, P.C. Cast, SPEED IT UP!
Otherwise I think the House of Night will lose all its fans..

Danielle i totally agree with you...at first was in love with the series they were awesome and I was still pretty into it when Burned came out and I thought th ...more
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Ok, so some people do & some people don't, that's life. I hope that there will be about 12. It would be nice if the books were a bit longer though & lose the teenybopper talk. I heart this & that is really getting old. Most people that age just don't really talk like that, they are a little more mature.

Actually I don't really mind that the series r long. To me its a story that has become more interesting. I can never put the books down and I just keep wondering what other challenges will Zoey and her friends take.

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i think that there will probably gunna be more and i love the house of night series and i will probably gunna love them 4ever

This series is pretty long, not much unexpected things happening, I finished the second last book and waiting for the last. I guess i just kind of got addicted and I need to finish it to give it a good ending.

I stopped reading a long time ago. I stopped after Hunted. Just like The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine. It just started to drag on and on with a rehash of the same thing. TMV turned me off to reading for about 6months. It was sooo frustrating

The series was good,but it's kind of a drag now. However I've already invested so much time and money in these books so I'm gonna buy the next, and the next, and the next book etc. until the series is finished.

P.C.Cast is such a great writer. I think it's time she starts afresh you know, a new series maybe?

I like the House of Night series; it was a different take on vampires, but I have to agree the story has been streched on for too long. . . I have finished BURNED and I don't think I will continue reading the rest of the series....

i think it is time for house of night should end now i only read them to read about stevie rae and rephaim

... 12 BOOKS? REALLY ? :O .. and i thought destined was last :\

I just finished Burned and I am taking a break from this series. They have gotten worse and worse. I really enjoyed the series in the beginning but somewhere along the way, I just got sick of all the crap that was going on.

could be worse i've read a series that had 40 books in it i think i got up to book 28 before i gave up

Although the books are pretty easy to get done with, considering the volume and depth; what annoys me is that the same events are sort of happening again and again. The story has stopped progressing much after perhaps the 4th or 5th book.
That said, it is pretty difficult to quit a series once started. Hence the read.

this series stared out great but it get boring.it tock me 2year to read book 5.the auther need to have it be more funny like it was befor.when I stared reading these book I could not stop.I need teen would love them

I have the last but I can't will myself to read it. Each book lasts like 2-4 days and the last few have been PAINFUL to read. The series stopped being good 2 books ago + the one I haven't read.

Wendalyn (last edited Jul 14, 2011 09:12AM ) Jul 12, 2011 11:51AM   0 votes
I just love this series.. I just started the latest Novella since it came on audible.com today... not sure when the next one is coming out.

I wish books would honestly stop though after a few as in the Kim Harrison Books I love them but I forget what happens cause it takes so long for the next one to come out.

I loved this series and recommended them to everyone I know, I don't think she started milking it until the last couple but I was so hooked I had to finish them all.

What the heck are you guys talking about?! I think this is one of the best series ever. I kinda like the never ending circle, but sometimes I feel like killing off Neferet and getting on with it, but I am in love with it!!!

Oh my god I KNOW! This last one that came out, when it didn't end the series I was like REALLY? Let it die already.

forever!!! they don't know when to stop, god there scamming us of our money!! i stopped buying after untamed

I stopped reading after the whole 'bringing Heath back from the dead' fiasco. I liked the first couple of books, but let's face it. She turned Zoey into a slut. She's always stringing along at least a couple of different guys. And pretty much everyone is blind and stupid, not being able to see that Neferet is evil. She's dragging it out because she gets more money that way.

I started the last book,and,well,didnt finish it...Zoey can be annoying..

dudee.. seriously. they just keep on adding more and more crap to it. like wtf. like after the 5 book it just started getting monotonousness and stupid.

I think I finished reading after the third or fourth book. I think the cover had a red necklace on it or something.

I wasn't too impressed by the first book but hoped it would get better like the Harry Potter series. But it didn't. I swear Zoey reads like a nine year old.

I stopped reading a long time ago. However, I am dying to know what happened. I just don’t want to waste my $$$ on something I know is going to drive me bat shit crazy. So if you got a spoiler just send it my way

i heard there will be 14

I enjoyed the first four books to the point that I read them back to back and was hooked. But by the sixth book I started getting irritated with the writer, the characters and the story. After book four, I stopped buying the books and started checking them out of the library. When book eight came out, I checked it out of the library and couldn’t get past the first chapter. I’m tired of the circular stories with Neferet, Kalona and the lack of progress Zoey and her friends are making in the series. The series has really lost it’s way, and because of that it lost me as a reader.

I read the first three books within a couple of days in high school, and I loved them. They were a bit below my average reading level but the storyline was just so interesting. I'm halfway through Awakened now, and I have to say the books, especially the last 3, have just kept getting worse. The teenage-isms that keep getting thrown into all the dialogue and prose are just...bleck. I mean "I heart me some diet pop" ? Yuck! Every time I read the words "I heart" I have to put the book down for awhile. It just completely throws me out of the story.
Not to mention the ridiculous character descriptions. We get it, Jack and Damien are gay, and you're accepting. If you are so accepting, stop talking about their gayness as if it's the only thing that defines them! And Kramisha! The only African American character and they had to turn her into a ghetto talking attitude-ridden street rat? Really?
I'm hoping Destined will be the last book, because I don't like to quit on a series.
I know I sound like a hater, but like I said, I LOVED the first three. I think the authors just got lost. A new series would be what the doctor calls for here.

i stopped at 6 or 7. i found it to be draging way to long plus ugh, they seem to get NO WHERE. and thats just so annoying. i stopped wasting time and money. :/

I'm tempted (no pun intended) to just buy the books when they come out and read them once the series is definetly finished. I'm in the middle of so many YA series that it gets hard to remember what happened to who.

Adrielly (last edited Jul 12, 2011 10:33AM ) Jul 12, 2011 10:20AM   0 votes
I think if you really like the serie, there's no way you can stop reading it, The things are getting more and more exciting as time passes by!
I love it and cant wait to read Destined!!!! (view spoiler)

I love this series, I really do but I agree with pretty much everyone on here. P.C Cast has milked this series so much that it's started to become dry and boring. I thought, when I started reading them, that the series would be 5 or 6 books long. It's doubled. I really hope the book P.C is writing is the last in the series.

I'm still stuck on Burned!!! I can't get past Stevie Rae's chapters. She is the most boring and annoying narrator. I'm also kind of tired of the book's character immaturity and how ever guy that enters the page could become Zoe's 10000th boyfriend. Seriously?

Though, they are dragging and not that refreshing. The problems in each book are the same with minimal character and plot growth.

That and a character is dating a guy with feathers and a beak...PC Cast, what makes that attractive at all?!?!?

Okay, first I want to say, If you don't like them so much, then stop reading them! ~ I love the series. But, I do know people who don't or like you, wish it would end. I have a friend that stopped buying them because she stopped liking them, or got bored with it. So, she just borrows mine when I buy them. I think it was about at Temped when she stopped, but says that it does get better. She liked the last one, Awakened. But if you hate the main charachter, (sorry but that's weird) maybe you should just give it up.

I'm loving all the comments. I've read everything so far, and pretty much feel the same as most. Series is too long, I hate Zoey, but I can't stop reading because I need to know how it ends. Zoey is so immature and never learns. Also, the writing is, dare I say, getting worse. I'm normally craving more narrative and deeper details, when reading a book. In this series, I'm getting way too much of that. I do like a lot of the characters, loved where we started, but really have to question where we are going to end up. Also, it seems like the books are taking a lot longer to get out. Maybe that's a good thing. If they are taking more time to write, possibly they are tightening up the story, and making some changes that we'll all like.

*Spoiler Alert*

God I pray that she ends the series, too many people keep on dying ( still can't believe she killed Jack!!! How can she do that?!?!?!?!?!!) and to much one on one time with Zoey and Stark in the last one. She needs to end it soon or she'll lose alot of peoples attention and alot of fans.

i guess until Neferet is defeated?

wow i just couldn´t bring myself to read more of that series, it first it was ok, but as the books kept appering it became lame and freaking boring, so i think i´ll just wait for it to end, and ask someone who could actually endure it all, how things ended up!!!!

The books are small, so 12 or 15 is not much. If the series continues like the last book it'll be good, if not then I'll stop bothering with it.

Exactly! I have been wandering the same! I have read 7 books from the series. I hope there won't be too many books or I might just lose interest, which I don't want to, because once I start with a series, I have to complete it, no matter what!


I've stopped after I finished tempted, she was starting to make me angry with how many books she's coming out with, she just needs to finish it!

I love this series. But the latest installment was dragged out beyond reason. Felt as though it could have been condensed, more action added, combine whatever is going to happen in the next with this one and there... you have a good book worth reading.

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