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Did anyone else think about Jed or Travis while reading this book?

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Rachel I was disappointed that Mary never mentioned Travis to Gabry in this book. I wanted to know if she still thought about Travis, if she missed him. It could have helped Gabry understand her mom better.

-What ever happened to Jed? I wonder why Mary never mentioned him???

Lupita yeah the only time she talked about them was when she was telling gabry that she was in love with henrys brother and that when the village was attacked that jed and his wife escaped with them

Kelly I was wondering why she never mentioned Travis as well. Maybe she'll do it in the next book (assuming there is one)?

Rachel There is a book after this one called The Dark and Hollow Places. Mary's life is discussed but it doesn't really mention much about Travis or what happened to Jed :/ I want to know if Mary knew that Jed ran after her at the end of the first book!!!

Diane I was very disappointed Travis was never mentioned especially since I liked him so much. In fact I liked him better than Catcher or Elias hence my lower rating of the sequel. I still enjoyed the book though!

Kate Bowyer I liked this book better than the first one (I liked the character of Gabry better than Mary), though I agree with everyone here that it was disappointing that she never really mentioned Jed & Travis.

I kept wondering why she never tried to go back for them and it wasn't until deep into the book that that's discussed.

Jeri I wondered too what happened to Jed. I would have liked some closure with that. As others mentioned, I am guessing he died and it just happened offscreen. I did enjoy this book, but I still like the first one better.

vulpecula I didn't believe that Jed died, I thought he will appear in the next book. But he was never mentioned. Mary's story was much better than Gabry's, but I enjoyed both

Brandey Bailey i honestly felt that she loved Travis in the first book, but after reading the second one i am not so sure that she did because she never even mentions him till the very end. and Gabry was really annoying in the third book.

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