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should one read sea of poppies first to understand river of smokes ? or is it required that it be read in series only ?
jaadhimalli jaadhimalli Jul 09, 2011 02:41AM
I ask this coz I bought river of smoke and dont have a copy of sea of poppies yet.

well,reading sea of poppies first will help you get better grasp of the charactersand also you will enjoy ros more

Chinmay (last edited Jul 10, 2011 01:35AM ) Jul 10, 2011 01:31AM   0 votes
Reading Sea of Poppies helps in forming a longer perspective, but reading River of Smoke alone does not in any way affect the understanding.

I agree that it is better to read in he correct sequence. So much easier to understand recurring characters. Can't wait for the final one. So glad I discovered Ghosh.

Yes agree. But on the other hand .'The river of smoke' moves on its own dynamics and against a diiferent backdrop and many characters are fresh or were yet to be explored in the Sea of Poppies.
So one does not miss much if you were not aware that it had a prequel

Sea of Poppies is a great stand alone book and after the first chapter of River of Smoke it could stand alone. But why not read them in order since both books are excellent.

I would read in order but they stand alone more than many readers wanted.

Better to read in sequence. It will give you full preview otherwise when you read Sea of Poppies it will read like a Prequel.


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