The Book of the King (The Wormling, #1) The Book of the King question

Who else likes it?
Hannah Hannah Jul 08, 2011 01:43PM
I love this book and was just wondering if anyone else does. And if you do, would you recommend any more books like this one to me.

I liked this book, though it took a while for me to get past the first several chapters. And there are several other books following it Sword of the Wormlingis the next one I think... c:

I have only read a few of the books so far, but I absolutely adore it! I'd say you should read the Among The Hidden series, it's not exactly like this one, but it's similar too!

I absolutely adore this series!! It was so well done that it made me want to change my whole life around when I finished reading through them. They were awesome, I may have to get them all from my library again and read them over, lol.
Um, one book I might recommend is the The King of the Trees by William D. Burt, his books are really well done, I have read each of them around ten times now. Um, I might also recommend The Restorer by Sharon Hinck, this is my all time personal favorite. Oh, and if you like Jerry B. Jenkins, you'll also like Wayne Thomas Batson, and his books, The Door Within Trilogy, Isle of Swords, Isle of Fire, and Sword in the Stars. These are just a few I would suggest, lol.

Hannah Thanks, and I have read some of Batsons books and I love them. P.S I love your username:-)
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