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message 1: by Kim, Wild-eyed Bibliomaniac (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 629 comments Mod
This topic came up in another group I'm in and I thought it was very good and thought provoking question. The question is not what we read, but WHY we read.

I started at a young age (way before kindergarten) and had a dad who was a very strong reader, a mom who was a casual reader,grandparents and assorted other family members who read all the time. I was read to all the time, and I still read heavily. (The library staff teases me if I fall below 5 holds or less.)

For me, reading supplied friends and an escape from a lonely life when I was younger. Being the fat kid, I did not have many friends and being an iconoclast did not help either when you are in a parochial school (they don't like nails to stick out there). So, books didn't yell,judge or make fun of me. I love to learn, and still read with as much enthusiasm as I always have.

By the time I was in 4th grade, I read at an 8th grade level, and by the time I was a freshman in high school, I had a post college graduate level of comprehension. To my friends now, and to the boyfriend especially, it is not astounding the amount or how quickly I read, but that I can retain and recall facts from what I read years ago. (I have not been dubbed "Jeopardy Girl" for nothing."

So, why did we get stared reading and why do we keep at it?

For me, it keeps me from being bored, expands my mind,lets me go places I may never get to, and allows me to understand other cultures and faiths better.

How about the rest of you?

message 2: by A. (new)

A. | 59 comments I started reading in the lie...I was born in a time when expectant mothers didn't work while in a "delicate condition", so my mother, an avid reader in her own right, was essentially a shut in. Since there was only so much you could do at home to entertain yourself, no cable channels people, she would read...out loud.
I inherited her love of books, for as far back as I can remember, I have held a book in my hands. Whether it was making a story up based on the pictures or reading the text.
When I was a child, I was shy and introverted. I didn't make friends easily and books were that friend I needed. I could go anyone...I painted pictures in my head based on the text. I have a tremendous has come in handy as I am an RPGer (Role playing game) and LARPer (Live Action Role Play).
Like Kim, I have a high level of reading and comprehension. Reading, and crossword puzzles, has helped me develop an extensive vocabulary. If I came across a word I didn't know, I would look to my friendly neighborhood dictionary for the meaning.
I continue to read for the sheer pleasure of it. Depending on the genre, it excites, scares, thrills, educates and amazes me.
I love reading...always have and always will...

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