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Joyce First Entry, in DADA

This is soo boring gawd I wish I could pay attention and not fall asleep...but I had nightmares last night..they get vivider and more vivid with every dream

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Joyce Second Entry, In Trophies room, afternoon

Im always unseen people walk pass me without saying 'Hi Divine.' Or 'How's it going'. Im really alone...sometimes it hurts to know im an outcast. I don't fit in with anybody..and now I know what I am a nobody...I spot a boy standing looking at the Trophies and armor and stuff lets see if I can get him to actual talk and see me

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Joyce Fourth, Dorm room
Mystery guy

Okay I don't know his name..what house he's in or anything I just know I, as of 30 minutes a go, have a real actual friend. And he's not playing some stupid trick on me...like when I go to my mothers house and she makes me meet girls and sometimes boy's on hopes i'll get a boyfriend and be normal..(Which is soo not happening mum..im a wizard Duh!) Well I geuss I should go study for DADA cuz I have absolutely no notes and am really in need of understanding..To the Library!

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Joyce Fifth Entry, at the Library, almost evening

Okay okay..so im standing there with a book in my hand and someone started down the same isle as me, I look up thinking it was no one (No one= Someone who would ignore me) and who's there than none other than Myster guy! He asked for my name I told him and he told me his name..Its Lucas but,(Im so filled with glee) im only allowed to call him Luke! I hope he doesn't say that to girls just to get to go out with him because he's seriously just my friend (I may want him to be more). He gave me his DADA notes..(He's rly good at it) after I told him I needed help with that..and im supposedly studying the notes right now(Not cuz im obviously writing) but...oh I got to go he looks a little bit..tired?

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Joyce Seventh Entry, Hallway, evening

Okay okay what are you supposed to do when your bestfriend faints..his entire face went white and for a second I thought he was dead. I literally almost burst into tears at that thought..it hurt me entirely to much. I think I might like like him even though we just met. I don't know if I should get the nurse of what..I don't wanna leave him..Im so torn and my stomach is doing flips..I slapped him and he didn't wake up! I begged and he still didn't awake...okay so now im crying...as you can see the tears drops on the paper. Im just so worried for him..he won't wake up..I realized im tire-

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Joyce Tenth Entry, common room, night time
Im very cozy right now

:) right now I have my head on Lucas's shoulder, he looks peaceful in sleep.I have wrote a lot of Diary entry's today. Most of them about him...I think I have a crush (DANG IT!, he probably doesn't feel the same way!)....Oh and I just saw the bullitein and geuss what? The winter formal is soon...I feel like an idiot...I won't be going. A boy once asked me last year but...he turned up with another girl, they thought it was funny, It really wasn't that has scared me for life. I wonder if I asked Lucas if he'd be my partner...I've never gone to a dance before......

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Joyce 12th Entry, Quidditch feild, who cares!

OMIGOD LUCAS KISSED ME!! For the first time..in the quidditch feild.I didn't see this coming, even though he called me beatiful. Then we we're holding hands, smiling at eachother an BAM! Im in his arms an we're lip locking...or maybe im exaggerating..a girl can dream right? He's like in everyone of my thoughts now...(it was like that before but its more intense now.) I truly hope this isn't some joke...maybe he'll even ask me to the dance! Im trying not to get my hopes up too high..this could be some plot to say im his girlfriend an date to the Dance then he could show up with a different girl and laugh at me just like in that Muggled book Beastly...I don't know...gtg he's waiting :D (Dn't you see me? IM FRICKIN GLOWING!)

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