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message 1: by Tera, First Chick (new)

Tera | 2563 comments Mod
This is your home to post your reviews of books and authors that you have read and goals you want to achieve

A quick run down of how it works

1) Make ONE thread and add to it. For Example I might put "Tera's Totally Tastey Reviews" and add to it with each book I feel a need to review. Do NOT make a new thread for each book you read.

2) Be mindful people are reading your review to learn about an author or book and in some cases may not be familiar with either. If you are going to discuss the super secret surprise ending of a book please begin with *Spoilers* in your post. Nothing sucks more than reading about Gone with the Wind and finding out alien's abduct Rhett Butler in the end... ooops!

3) This is your spot to share your thoughts and feelings on a book or author. Please keep it to that. In other words please try not to insult the legions of fans of a particular book or author by saying things such as, "This book was horrible and anyone who likes it is a yellow bellied sap sucking swine and your hair looks funny too". That might come off insulting to some people.

For the readers:

1) This is a great place to find some reviews from women you have come to know and maybe even get to know some who have similar tastes. This isn't the place to debate someones thoughts on a book or author. If you don't agree with a review then lollipops for you. Keep it to yourself. Don't insult someone's review. An example might be, "What?! You liked this book? Did you suck on lead paint chips as a child? Anyone who likes this book is a 5 legged backwards walking goat breader." Not a nice thing to say. Don't do it. Besides, I'm certain the law of averages denote there may be a very nice 5 legged goat breader who did suck on paint chips as a child. Why would we want to insult them?

2) I've asked the reviewers to put *Spoilers* in the post if there is a super secret surprise ending they discuss. That said, there are bound to be some spoilers revealed with any review. I am not going to police each thread or review so expect spoilers may pop up from time to time when you read a review.

Bottom line I reserve the right to delete this folder if it becomes Real Housewives of GoodReads.

message 2: by Irene (new)

Irene | 4036 comments Tera, I have found that regular public displays of my ignorance is good for my soul. So, how does one start a thread? I am not sure that I think creating my own thread of reviews is necessarily advisable since I may be able to stick to the rule about not accusing another reviewer of sucking on paint chips as a kid, but I may not always be able to refrain from accusing authors from being raised on an exclusive paint chip diet (which may also appear to the more sensitive types as somewhat insulting). However, should I ever be able to convince myself that I have anything of interest to say, what would I do to create a thread for my reviews?

message 3: by Tera, First Chick (new)

Tera | 2563 comments Mod
Irene wrote: "Tera, I have found that regular public displays of my ignorance is good for my soul. So, how does one start a thread? I am not sure that I think creating my own thread of reviews is necessarily a..."


I would love to read your reviews.

To start a thread
On the home page at the top of list of current folders it says "Discussion Boards"
Directly across from that it says in smaller letters
'topics all, new, unread'
If you want to start your own thread within a folder click on "new"
that will take you to a new window and there you can sort through the list to decide which folder you want your thread to go in. In this case you'd sort through to "reading goals and reviews"
then you name your thread in the topic section and in the comment section you write your thoughts. When you are done just like any ccmment you hit post and your thread should appear in the folder you've chosen.
Thanks for asking,

message 4: by Irene (new)

Irene | 4036 comments Thanks for the instructions. I will give it consideration. But, your "niceness" rules may be too difficult for me to follow. I was born without the "nice" gene. Can I qualify for SDI with such a disability?

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