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message 1: by Alex (last edited Jul 21, 2011 09:54AM) (new)

Alex | 142 comments Mod
You can make as many characters as you want. When you do, put in the following information for each:

Where you're from:
Special Talents:
Other Background Info:

Amyacrescientia | 3 comments Name: Samantha
Age: 16
Grade: 10th
Where you're from: Maryland
Appearance: tall, slightly wavy strawberry blond hair and freckles. Intense blue eyes and pale skin. slim.
Personality: has very intense emotions right after each other that can be triggered by anything.
Special Talents: Climbing, running, swimming
Other Background Info: She has moved around a lot. She's lived in many other countries and states.

message 3: by Elizabeth: (last edited Jul 10, 2011 07:14PM) (new)

Elizabeth: (elizabeth_white) Name: Lexi
Age: 15
Grade: 9th
Where you're from: Aubrun Australia
Appearance: http://weheartit.com/entry/11705871 sometimes she straightens it, she has very light blue eyes
Personality: She is very strong willed and doesnt give up easily, very well liked
Special Talents: swimming, is really sneaky
Other Background Info: Sometimes she acts out at people because she isnt treated good at home

message 4: by Alex (last edited Aug 05, 2011 02:45PM) (new)

Alex | 142 comments Mod
Name: Tiffany Bond
Age: 15
Grade: 10th
Where you're from: San Francisco, California
Appearance: About 5'5", http://weheartit.com/entry/11292940
Personality: Smiles a lot, very out-going and talkative, funny, caring, very loyal to her friends and family, popular, often impulsive
Special Talents: Memorizing anything, hiding, blending in, black belt in karate, can shoot anything with amazing accuracy, being silent to anyone and everyone
Crush: Open
Other Background Info: Lived in San Francisco after moving from New York, NY when she was 4, parents are divorced and she lives with her mom while her dad travels the world, both parents worked in CIA

message 5: by skye (new)

skye  monte verde (cieloskye) | 4 comments Name: camille esperanza
Grade:1st year college
Where you're from: Philippines
Appearance:black hair, light brown skin with dark brown eyes, slim with an average height.. round shape face..
Personality:cheerful person, risk-taker , sometimes impulsive ,loyal ,talkative(sometimes if in mood),
Special Talents:can memorize anything in limited time, can adopt easily,
Other Background Info: always smiling and laughing with friends but at home i'm different,

message 6: by !ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ (new)

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 94 comments Name: Mist Rosemary
Age: 12
Grade: 7th
Where you're from: Minnesota
Appearance: Silver blonde hair, pretty blue eyes, pale complexion, white clock-face watch on her left wrist, has a knife in her leather boots
Personality: Kind, sneaky, fierce, clever, problem solving, quick to act
Special Talents: Fighting, sneaking around, swimming silently, climbing trees quickly, running
Other Background Info: She was born and raised in Minnesota. When she was 11, she got the invatation to go to school, so she excepted, and her parents died a month later in unknown causes.

message 7: by [deleted user] (last edited Jul 09, 2011 10:36AM) (new)

Where you're from:Georgia
Appearance:big brown eyes,smiling,laughing,black hair,milk chocolate skin,hot
Personality:Fun loving,mature,outgoing,sneaky,sly,fierce,smart,funny
Special Talents:makes her own weapons,can activate love potion onto a guy with her eyes.
Other Background Info:a fun loving,dont mess with me kinda girl

message 8: by MizziQ (last edited Jul 18, 2011 10:42AM) (new)

MizziQ Name: C.J
Age: 14
From: NY, New York
Appearance: Long black hair. Jeans and T-shirt. Hair always in a braid. Fit.
Personality: Quiet. Smart. Funny. Has a temper.
Special talents: Hacker. She's really good. Loves to play poker.
Other backround:...

message 9: by M'n'm (new)

M'n'm Name: Luke

Age: 17

From: Nashville, Tenessee

Appearance: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_eOKKXVXbeIo...

Personality: Very social and can befriend literrally anyone he is very charming and has been known to be a heartbreaker

Special Talents: Hand to Hand Combat

Other Background: TBA

message 10: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ Wow... I wasn't expecting a guy in a towel. :) Haha! :)

message 11: by M'n'm (new)

M'n'm LOL i thot he was hot :P [im a girl before u ask hahha]

message 12: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ Yha... Um...I was hoping :)

message 13: by M'n'm (new)

M'n'm LMAO! icky thots icky thots! :D

message 14: by Megan (last edited Jul 10, 2011 08:35AM) (new)

Megan Name: Alexa Knowles
Age: 14
Grade: 9th
From: Dallas, Texas
Appearence: Fair skinned, long, wavy light brown hair, 5' 2", very skinny, a few freckles, and green eyes http://weheartit.com/entry/10276148
Personality: Shy and quiet, smart, organized, the nicest person you'll ever meet (as long as you don't get in her way,) looks innocent but she can kill 100 different ways with a knife.
Special talents: Underestimated, she surprises many people. Sly, fierce, great aim, good with a ballistic knife, and practically a genius. She's also good at planning and organizing.
Other background info: While she may have a few friends, no one really knows the real her.

message 15: by ℋɑƞƞɑℎ (last edited Jul 21, 2011 10:21AM) (new)

ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 59 comments Mod
Name: Erin Dusley
Age: 15 years
Grade: 10th
Where you're from: Grover, CO (ya blink and ya miss it!)
Appearance: http://weheartit.com/entry/12235007
Personality: sweet, kind, caring, well liked, country girl, redneck side if you get her agitated, popular.
Special Talents: Gun shooting, poisoning people, ninja rolling, being quiet, good with weapons, doesn't trust people easily.
Other Background Info: At age 10 she moved to San Francisco, CA for five years where she met Tiffany Bond, her best friend, hasn't talked to her in years.... Just met up with her for this spy thing.

message 16: by weasle boy thomas (last edited Jul 13, 2011 06:57AM) (new)

weasle boy thomas | 12 comments Name:weasel boy
Where you're from:evreyone wants to know
Appearance:short, shoulder lenght blond hair, long skinny fingers, and color changing eyes
Personality:intelligent but mostly keeps to self
Special Talents:hacking working with computers making things providing info and being sneaky
Other Background Info:stubborn

message 17: by !ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ (new)

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 94 comments His name is Weasle Boy? :o

message 18: by !ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ (new)

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 94 comments Name: Jay Lewis
Age: 12
Grade: 10
Where you're from: It's a seeecreeet
Appearance: Thin, gray-blue eyes, brown hair with a blue streak, short, pale
Personality: Smart, secretive
Special Talents: Working with computers, spying, inventing
Other Background Info:

message 19: by Meaghan (new)

Meaghan Name: Riley Callahan
Age: 16
Grade: 11
Where you're from: Cork, Ireland
Appearance: around 5' 7'', pretty thin, shoulder-length wavy auburn hair, green eyes, very fair skin, a few light freckles scattered across her face
Personality: prefers to keep to herself but opens up to others when she needs to, certainly not a social butterfly but not a wallflower either, optimistic, she is very kind-hearted and friendly to others, selfless and caring, smart as hell
Special Talents: deftly quick and cunning with a knife and martial arts, photographic memory, runs fast
Other Background Info:..

message 20: by ß®ï:Dģε₮ *The Gothic Nerd of Revenge!* o.O (last edited Jul 15, 2011 02:04PM) (new)

ß®ï:Dģε₮  *The Gothic Nerd of Revenge!* o.O | 62 comments Name: Charlotte Spears

Age: 15 years old

Grade: 10th

Where you're from: New York City, New York

Appearance: 5'6", skinny, straight black hair (side bangs), green eyes, pale, naturally red lips.

Personality: appears to be dark and gothic, discovers she's sweet and very loyal when you become close with her,(has a bad habit of being too trusting). Does not care at all of what people think of her, smart but doesn't show it.

Special Talents: master of disguise, agile, quick, very flexable, able to handle weapons well, speaks many languages fluently including French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish and Greek.

Other Background Info: Used to travel around the world. Both parents died when she ten years old.

message 21: by Sophia (last edited Jul 15, 2011 02:06PM) (new)

Sophia | 25 comments Name: Jenna Kenson
Age: 16 years old
Grade: 11th
Where you're from: San Fransisco, California
Appearance: 5'8", long dirty blond hair, blue eyes, alot of freckles
Personality: kind and sweet, can be mischevious, very stubborn. Great sense of humor. Always laughing.
Speccial Talents: Computar whiz, good at self defense
Other Background info:....

message 22: by Sophia (last edited Jul 15, 2011 03:57PM) (new)

Sophia  (sophiacondon) | 30 comments Name: Madiline Simmons
Age: 15 years old
Grade: 10th
Where you're from: New York, NY
Appearance: 5'5", red hair, blue eyes, crimson lips
Personality: Mischievous, Gothic, inside she's kind, truthful.
Special Talents: very flexible, invents poisons, good at self defense, good at disguises. Speaks 25 different languages.
Other Background info: Got her Black belt in mma, dojo, and tai kwon do at the age of 7.

ß®ï:Dģε₮  *The Gothic Nerd of Revenge!* o.O | 62 comments Name: Naomi Scott
Age:17 years old
Grade: 12th
Where you're from: Paris, France
Appearance: 5'4", olive skin, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, petite nose
Personality: moody. Likes to keep to herself. Doesn't talk unless talked to first. Has anger issues.
Special Talents: able to sneak around easily, knows how to kill a person 1000 ways, swims, climbs and runs very fast.
Other Background Info: quick to lash out; claustrophobic.

message 24: by [deleted user] (last edited Jul 16, 2011 01:02PM) (new)

You can make as many characters as you want. When you do, put in the following information for each:

Name:stella victoria benson(goes by stella)
Where you're from:kauai, hawaii
medium length sandy blond hair, sea fome green eyes.
Personality:nice.caring if you are too. sometimes frusterated.doesnt talk much unless she's angry.she doesnt need to, her eyes say everything.
Special Talents:any type of martial arts
Other Background info: she loves her music. she is quick to conect to anyone who does too. left quite a few boys unhappy when she left but she hardly felt bad.she wasnt the kind to miss people who mistreat her, like any one is! but thats a long story.she is perfectly happy being lonly, but sometimes she wants someone to talk to.

message 25: by Sophia (last edited Jul 16, 2011 02:07PM) (new)

Sophia | 25 comments Name: Mia Kenni
Age: 15 years old
Grade 10th
Where you're from: Chicago
Appearance: 5'5", long blond hair that's always in a braid, big brown eyes
Personality: quiet;shy, doesn't talk much. Kind once friends
Special Talents: Able to create antidotes and poisons
Other background Info: Brother died.

message 26: by Sir Arthur (last edited Jul 23, 2011 10:22PM) (new)

Sir Arthur King of Britans (panthershark) Name : Spector
Age: 15
Grade: 10
Where your from: Alabama America!
Appearance: tall and brown headed, black suit.
Personality: kind and helpful. Eager to reach the next level. And is always up for a conversation.
Spec talents: stealth, marksman, electronics, mechanics and stalking (Like the snipers!)
Other background info: Likes to live on the wild side and takes things to the Xtream! He's a basic Commando wannabe.

message 27: by Alex (last edited Jul 27, 2011 03:18PM) (new)

Alex | 142 comments Mod
Name: Anthony Chase (Tony for short)
Age: 16
Grade: 11
Where you're from: Hollywood California
Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=logan+... (ignore the logo)
Personality: Really nice, protective, loyal, caring, sweet, well liked
Special Talents: Got black belt in karate when he was 10, and in jujitsu when he was 12
Other Background Info: Lives with his dad, has a sister he hasn't met ever. Loves to surf.

message 28: by ℋɑƞƞɑℎ (new)

ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 59 comments Mod
Name: Trace Aaron
Age: 16
Grade: 11
Where you're from: Outside of Amarrilo, TX
Appearance: http://86news.info/wp-content/uploads...
Personality: Caring, well liked, keeps to himself most of the time, loyal, protective.
Special talents: hacker, has a double black belt in karate.
Other background info: He's a small down boy, he livEs with his dad because mom passed away, can be a redneck at times.

message 29: by Alex (new)

Alex | 142 comments Mod
Hannah wrote: "Name: Trace Aaron
Age: 16
Grade: 11
Where you're from: Outside of Amarrilo, TX
Appearance: http://86news.info/wp-content/uploads...
Personality: Caring, well li..."

OMG!!! YOU ACTUALLY DID WHAT I SUGGESTED FOR ONCE!!!!!! :) haha :) sorry....kinda hyper (which is a rare experience for me now-a-days...:))

message 30: by !ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ (last edited Aug 08, 2011 09:08AM) (new)

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 94 comments Name: Dove Smith
Age: 12
Grade: 7th
Where you're from: Nobody knows..
Appearance: Pale golden eyes, short gold hair, average complexion, skinny, lithe, leather boots, green vest and white shirt, brown shorts.
Personality: Soft, kind, smart, quick, brave, sometimes she doesn't think before she acts, and she would die for her friends.
Special Talents: Swimming, problem solving, singing, inventing
Crush: Open
Other Background Info: She was homeless, but somehow recieved a letter inviting her to the academy. When she arrived, however, the academy claimed no one invited her, but she still was allowed into the school.

message 31: by Yona (last edited Aug 26, 2011 11:25AM) (new)

Yona (ioncheto) | 4 comments Name: Melany Donovan (female)
Age: 17
Grade: 11th
Where you're from: Bulgaria
Appearance: brown hair, green eyes, average height
Personality: friendly, shy, nice. never say know to a challenge and she is very brave.
Special Talents: Very good in languages, like to study knew things, she like History and sports. She understands people and she is easy to talk to.
Crush: Secret for now
Other Background Info:
her parents don't have time for her, and she is mostly on her own. Coming here she has opportunity to forget about everything and starts a new begging.
Her ex boyfriend broke her heart, because he sheeted on her with her best friend.
She had a rough life.

message 32: by ℋɑƞƞɑℎ (new)

ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 59 comments Mod
Nice charrie! :)

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