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if you could change the ending how would you
haribo :D haribo :D Jul 07, 2011 05:25AM
ok i no this is a random discussion question but i found the ending unsatisfying so lets here your opinions

evryone in forks dies, except eric (:

Edward and Bella die. That's the only way this series could have a remote chance of redemption.

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Leah/jacob and seth/idk who. I missed them in the end of the book...

Kaye (last edited Sep 04, 2011 02:00AM ) Sep 03, 2011 03:26AM   0 votes
for the twilight book: bella dies, and unbeknownst to edward, she was changed into a vampire and lost all her memories :)
for the whole series: the battle would've happened, with a lot of the characters dying, especially jacob..

Jacob marrys me. The end

I think that would be a happy ending.

I think it should have ended with Twilight, making you wonder if he actually does turn Bella or not, it would have been interesting. I liked the other books, but the ending was a let down, they lived happily ever after, everyone ended up with someone, except for Leah (I was sort of rooting for her to get together with Jacob).

im not really sure, its how the ending is supposed to be a happily ever after. some people say jacob and reenesme should have grown up and fallen in love. but i think their could have been some sort of fight between all the vampires the volturi etc.

Alex710 thats going t happen in the movie
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I would have ended at Twilight. No werewolves or Jacob. Or Bella being all annoying and crap (she really did drive me crazy in the rest of the series). I would have had Edward bite her and then that's it.

If I had to continue, I would have had her struggle being a vampire in the next series and idk, maybe make her into a killer and have her really regret her choice. Also, there would have to be some fights between Edward and Bella because lets face it, every couple fights. Who knows, I might have even broken them up and bring them back together at one point Oo

Bella doesn't get pregnant (seriously the dumbest thing ever to happen). They actually have a war with the vulturi instead of everyone just standing around doing nothing in the forest at the end. Edward dies in the war in order to save Bella. Fast forward a few years and Bella and Jacob finally get together, then get married then have kids later on in life. The werewolves/vampires of forks become like family.

J.D. (last edited Sep 21, 2011 09:36AM ) Sep 21, 2011 09:36AM   0 votes
I think its an AWESOME question. Well done. I would have had Bella learn, and grow, and develop the guts to realise that though she loved him insanely, Edward was bad for her. She would finish it, it would be tragic, and she'd go back to him, then it would end again.
She would develop a balanced, grown up relationship with Jacob, and as she got older, realise wanting to be a vampire was dumbass, as she needed her family and they needed her.
But THEN she would get in trouble with the Volturi or something, and Edward - who always loved her, a bit like Snape, would rescue her.
What d'you think?

I would have changed the end of Breaking Dawn by having there be an epic battle where most of the innocent individuals die from the volturi group and then some of the main ones escape to go rebuild the volturi... The Cullens win and then they clean up and have a party. It would truly be an ending if that had happened. I don't feel like there's any excitement in the end. It's worked up to be an epic fight but nothing happens really just pretty much standing there, talking, and playing mind games.

Everyone would die.

Kerri (last edited Jul 12, 2011 09:33AM ) Jul 12, 2011 09:33AM   0 votes
I liked the ending of Twilight, New Moon was ok, and Eclipse was the best--I think Eclipse should have been the end of the series. I could have done without Breaking Dawn.

I would add a chapter or two,and jump 20 years in the future and wrap things up. The baby & Jacob together, the wolfs prosperous, the Volteri causing new problems for the next generation, more half breeds appearing and that could be what brings the Volturi out again. The way it was left she could wring more money out of the series and write another book (a spin off maybe).

I would completely erase Renesmee from the picture, or at least change her name and prevent her from imprinting with Jacob.

first...Jacob won't imprint with Reneesme...
second...there would be an actual battle scene between the Voluturis and Cullens
third...someone would die from Cullens' coven...

I know the third one might seem a bit harsh, but I think it would be more realistic...especially if I would really put the battle scene...I think that there's way too much happily ever after in the book, the ending was kind of boring...

And finally, Edward and Bella's life won't be too perfect...

I loved the series up until the end of breaking dawn. There should've been a fight and some people on both sides should have died. I agree with Jellybug, she could have focused on one of the wolves, like Leah, and did a spin off series about them. I hated the end. I wonder what they are going to do about it in the movie.

I think that the third part is the biggest part I would change. I felt like suddenly I didn't really know these characters, everything changed so much, and we had too many extra characters to keep track of. I liked Charlie's reaction to the change in Bella, so I'd keep that. But the imprinting I'm still not a big fan of, at least w/ Renesmee, someone else maybe. The final scene of this series should have had more "oomph" with an actual battle, and someone actually winning, not this sort of stand-off with a tie. Something more than pages of narrative and dialog that fades into the happily ever after - i wanted to feel the h.e.a was earned.

Bella wouldn't get pregnant because I can't picture Bella and Edward as parents after we get this great image of them as young lovers. Jacob could imprint on some other chick and Bella would still turn to be a vamp but there would be some twist that required loads of action.

I think Stephenie Meyer could have done better plotting with Breaking Dawn. For instance, the idea of Leah and Jacob would have made a more interesting story in my opinion. There was sooo much that could have happened and been explored because of the whole mind reading thing. I hate the name Renesmee.

I would not end it...I wish there were so many more books in the series :)

Roseanne (last edited Jul 24, 2011 03:30AM ) Jul 24, 2011 03:29AM   0 votes
The battle at the end.. it should of and Bella's "power" didn't all of a sudden become controllable...
and the Discovery of another half-breed didn't save the day but only kept a few from dying...

i would want a story surrounding Jacob to see what happens to him. I also would not have let him fall in love with Bella's daughter!!! i would want to know more about the werewolves and could see alot of plots surrounding the werewolves and maybe someone getting out of the curse somehow?? I think the ending is kinda boring maybe stephenie could make it go out with more of a bang and not end it at prom.

I want see Renesmee grown up and fallen in love with the other hybrid vampir, Nahuel. Jacob get jealous and that's good to see them fighting each other.

I felt that the ending for the first three books were good. Each of them gave meaning for the next book to begin off of. The fourth book however I was furious with the ending. We spent hundreds of pages gathering vampires from all over the world to a single place to face the Volturi and then!... They talked it out?!?! That was the worst ending possible! These stories have not been your typical 'Happy Ending' novels! Every book has led to some (if only minor) characters dying or disappearing, but now there's a happy ending?? No, no. The battle that everyone was gearing up for should have happened. Even Stephenie's characters were ready for the battle. The problem is that Stephenie Meyer stopped listening to her characters voices and changed the story because she was selfish in not wanting to see her characters die as they were meant to. I was very disappointed and I have not purchased her books because of this. Sorry if I seem harsh. I truly have nothing against happy endings, but that wasn’t the ending meant for Twilight series. I know I’m not alone out there in this believe, because all of the Twilight-haters didn’t really start showing up until the last book came out.

Jessica agree
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Idk what I would change.

I honestly thought that Jacob and Leah will be getting together... the whole thing was leading up to it and then he imprints on Bella's daughter... that was some crap!
Also, the whole pregnancy, marriage thing just so they can do it was crap... I would have Bella say - I love you, but I need to discover myself first, get an education. I need to live a life and see if there might be something out there.. And if I dont find myself and I still love you the same when that is done, I will come back to you and we can be together... See ya!
And she leaves Forks and enrolls into college! :)

Rosalie would die and Emmett would fall madly in love with me! He'd change me into a vampire and we'd live together for eternity! DUH!!!! he he he he he

Everyone offense to steph meyer

Change to how the series ended, or how twilight ended?

I think the end of twilight was in the right place, wouldn't change that, as for the series, whew, I wouldn't know where to start with rewriting that... I guess with letting Edward go for good and Bella grow a spine.

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