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Steph (angel4492) | 29004 comments Shelf Announcements will be posted HERE
One shelf name will be posted every Sunday (JST Japan Standard Time).

We will continue to post shelf names until a team achieves BINGO. Good luck to everyone and Happy Reading!

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Steph (angel4492) | 29004 comments Shelf Announcements will be posted every Sunday
Shelves will be posted here & on each team's thread

☞ Post the name of the book you've chosen to your Team Thread, so your fellow teammates can see & discuss what you're reading, as well as cheer you on.

☞ Remember when you've finished your book, in order for your team to receive their stamp, you must post the date you finished, your 1-5★ rating and a review.

Shelf #1 ~ 7/24/11: '4 stars'
DIRECT LINK: '4 stars'

Shelf #2 - 7/31/11: 'favorite series'
DIRECT LINK: 'favorite series'

Shelf #3 - 8/7/11: 'dark'

Shelf #4 - 8/14/11: 'alpha male'
DIRECT LINK: 'alpha male'

Shelf #5 - 8/21/11: 'shifters'
DIRECT LINK: 'shifters'

Shelf #6 - 8/28/11: 'demons'
DIRECT LINK: 'demons'

Shelf #7 - 9/4/11: 'supernatural'
DIRECT LINK: 'supernatural'

Shelf #8 - 9/11/11:'fantasy paranormal'
DIRECT LINK: 'fantasy paranormal'

Shelf #9 - 9/18/11: 'read in 2010'
DIRECT LINK: 'read in 2010'

Shelf #10 - 9/25/11: 'first in series'
DIRECT LINK: 'first in series'

Shelf #11 - 10/2/11: 'urban fantasy'
DIRECT LINK: 'urban fantasy'

Shelf #12 - 10/9/11: 'dragons'
DIRECT LINK: 'dragons'

Shelf #13 ~ 10/16/11: 'angels'
DIRECT LINK: 'angels'

Shelf #14 ~ 10/23/11: 'Goodreads Author'
DIRECT LINK: 'goodreads author'

---------END of GAME---------

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