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Lea (leadfw) The book had a part that specifically dealt with a celebrity who has an animal sanctuary that is considered a model for other animal rescue centers/groups/sanctuaries.

I also remember a part where the author is looking at some research chimps, and he/she talks about how sad they look and how he wishes he could take them out of their cages and rescue them. He also comments on one of the chimps -- that it was very angry and would most likely attack if it was released. I think he was highlighting how impossible the situation was for these animals.

I may have seen it recently at Half Price books in the new release section, which would mean it was fairly new?

Sorry if I haven't posted this correctly -- this is my first post!

Thank you!

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Lea (leadfw) Never mind! I actually bought this book and it's been hiding in plain sight while I've been racking my brain trying to think of it!

Forbidden Creatures

Now I need to see how to move this . . .

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