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Character Discussions > Why did all of those vampires go nuts over Bella's paper cut when they go to school every day and deal with all sorts of blood?

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message 1: by Isabella (new)

Isabella (darlingisa) At school, they would have to deal with other paper cuts, skinned knees, bloody nosese, bloody lips, hangnails, and girls on their period's. How did all of them lose control over Bella' 'three drops of blood'?

message 2: by Isabella (new)

Isabella (darlingisa) Okay, so let's say just Jasper.
Bella's blood is only especially special to Edward, not the others, though Alice did admit she smelled nice--but that's not the same as the way Edward described Bella's scent.
So why did Jasper go nuts when all of those aforementioned things happened (the bloody lips, skinned knees, bloody noses, etc.), since Bella's blood isn't special to him?
Also, how did Edward deal with Bella during her 'time of the month'? It just doesn't make sense to me.

And, you seem to be a big Twilight fan. Do you know why the vampires even go to school again and again? They know the material, and there are lots of genius kids who graduate high school early and head off to college, or who are homeschooled. Why don't they just work on developing cures for cancer or new alternative energies? If high school is like purgatory, what are the benefits?

message 3: by Isabella (new)

Isabella (darlingisa) Look, if Bella's blood is that huge of a deal to Edward, like it is in Midngight Sun, 2 weeks away from it isn't going to make it better. In Midnight Sun, it's described as really potent when he gets back, and there is no way he could deal with her blood all over the place for a week every month. Furthermore, high school is 'purgatory'. Not a way to pass the time. If they were homeschooled, or just pretended to be those genius kids who graduate college at 17, they wouldn't have to deal with it. And people who know a lot, never have to sleep, and have infinite mental capacity plus unlimited monetary resources can certainly find a cure for cancer. And if they crave human contact, why are they so obsessively seperated and outside of everyone else. They could easily be friends since they're oh-so-charming.
"When you're at school you expect things like that to happen. At school Jasper knows stuff like that could happen so he's looking out for it and resisting it." When his siblings (Alice and Edward)look out for him (Jasper) in Midnight Sun, they're stopping him from drinking the blood of a girl who isn't even bleeding. No matter how much you expect it at school, the lack of self restraint there contrasts with the idea that he can deal wiht open blood at school. And I know that this is kind of off topic again, but do you ever bleed from paper cuts? Because I don't.

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Isabella (darlingisa) The purgatory comment was in Midnight Sun. My blood isn't all over the place either, but it is still there. And if you don't want to continue the argument, I don't care. You have your opinion, and I have mine. Personally, I hate Twilight, so it probably seeks like I'm harping over stupid details.

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