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Tera | 2563 comments Mod
It's that time again. We actually had a better voting turnout than I expected for August. YAY!
I think something was learned through that experiment that I am going to go with again.
IF we have enough interest we will do 2 books in September. I am going to measure interest by how many votes there are. If there are more than 40 votes we will do two books. We had over 40 votes last time so I think that will be a good watermark for September.

Nominate here. Please do NOT discuss or second nominations here.

Read this post before you nominated how this works
~ T

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Kiana Davenport | 51 comments Hi...I recommend a book thats been out since 1997. But I love to reread beautiful brilliant novels. DREAMS OF MY RUSSIAN SUMMERS, by Andrei Makine. It was a bestseller and loved by millions and some of you must know it. Written by a Frenchman (who's really Russian) remembering summers spent with his Russian grandmother (who's really French). Its a memoir and a great love story and it covers a woman's life through most of the 20th century in Russia and the grand boulevards of France. He's written other novels but start with this one. Happy Reading!
Kiana Davenport, Author

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Tera | 2563 comments Mod

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