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Past Summer Reading Discussions > Would you want to live if you thought everyone else was dead?

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message 1: by Peggy (new)

Peggy (purplepenmore) | 31 comments Mod
No, I don't believe that I would, if I was the ONLY one. In the Compound, however, Eli did have his father, mother and sister. If I had at least a small group of people, I think I would try to survive.

message 2: by Zach (new)

Zach | 26 comments No nothing to do

message 3: by Jordan (new)

Jordan | 3 comments No, I'd be scared and lonely.

message 4: by Jenny (last edited Jul 07, 2011 11:36AM) (new)

Jenny | 42 comments Yes. I would be lonely, but I think life would still carry on.

message 5: by Leah (new)

Leah | 18 comments Well.... I suppose it might be fun, running around everywhere, but I would get lonely extremely quickly. And then if other people turned up...... not sure how that'd turn out

message 6: by Kelli (new)

Kelli Yes. I'd be lonely, definitely. But it would be a great adventure to roam the Earth, just exploring everything.

Princess Katie, the Random Hot Pink Minotaur (safeandsound) I'm not sure how much I would like being alone. Unless I found more people, there would be no way I would survive. I mean, I would have to grow crops, shoot my own dinner, purify water, get oil somehow, the list goes on and on. And I would much rather go to Europe or something, but I can't fly a plane or rea;;y do anything on a boat.
I do probably try to live as long as I could but eventually die of hunger or something.

But I haven't read Compound so I'm not sure what went on in the book.

message 8: by Peggy (new)

Peggy (purplepenmore) | 31 comments Mod
In the book Compound, Eli and his father, mother and sister hide underground in an elaborate compound, furnished with everything - food and all necessary survival supplies - when told that a nuclear attack was taking place. Eli's twin brother and grandmother did not make it to the compound in time and it was assumed that all human life above ground died in the attack and resulting contamination. Very suspenseful with a surprise twist at the end.

Princess Katie, the Random Hot Pink Minotaur (safeandsound) Ahh okay. That makes a big difference.

message 10: by Polly (new)

Polly | 13 comments If there was someone else with me then I would want to live. But if it truly was just me I don't think I could. I would have a major case of survivors guilt.

message 11: by Hunter (new)

 Hunter (hunterthestarwarssaga) | 13 comments I would hope I would have the will to survive. I have to think there is some reason I'm not dead, even if I think everyone else is.

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